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17-Month-old Satwik Can Be Saved If He Gets Treated On Time

Satwik is barely 2 years old but he has already gone through a life or death situation. Just when his family thought he is saved from the life-threatening condition, the little boy started falling ill again. He is now fighting severe infections that require urgent treatment

“Satwik underwent a liver transplant 5 months ago. When he fell ill again, it was like our worst fears came true. We can't watch him suffer again ”, says Satwik’s mother Sikta.

He had just started smiling and we can't watch him suffer again

Satwik was starting to become cheerful and active but fate made him a patient again. He is now suffering from obstruction of the bile duct and cholangitis- an infection of the bile duct. It is very crucial that Satwik gets cured before it starts affecting his liver again.

Satwik was suffering from Biliary Artesia and his liver was completely damaged. In just one year, he underwent two surgeries due to an intestinal malformation. He underwent a liver transplant 5 months ago after a long battle with this liver condition.

Satwik's mother donated her liver so he could live

"After my parents died, Satwik became my world. I donated a part of my liver to save my only child. But now he is suffering again and it kills me to know that I cannot help in any way", says Sikta

Sushanto and Sikta were married in February 2015 and Satwik is their first child born in May last year. Sushanto works at a private company and Sikta is a housewife.

Satwik's father is struggling to treat him

Sushanto is the sole breadwinner of the family. He works at a private company and Sikta is a housewife. Sushanto's savings were spent on Satwik's treatment so far.

The family has come from Kolkata to Bangalore just for Satwik's treatment. Satwik needs to finish medical investigations and radiology interventions. He needs to be hospitalised for this and the cost would come to 1.5 lakhs. It's been just 5 months into the completion of Satwik's transplant and Sushanto is unable to manage the expenses. He is worried that his helplessness would put Satwik at risk.

How you can help

Satwik was on the verge of recovery when he developed these infections. With required interventions, he can be saved. Our support will help put an end to his sufferings and make him recover completely.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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