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Help 1-Year-Old Sana Fight Blood Cancer (Leukemia) And Live

Parting away with a child is not just harrowing but it leaves a profound impact on the family. After six years of emotional turmoil when Santosh and his wife Kavya had to send away their child, they had to go through immense pain. They don’t have the strength to see their second child go through the agony of cancer.They need your support in their hour of need.

Sana was only 10 months old when she was diagnosed with blood cancer. In that moment, their world came crashing down. They had already been through enough. But, it was happening all over again.

It All Started Six Years Ago

Santosh’s wife Kavya was 9 months pregnant, when the doctor shared the news that their baby had dandy-walker syndrome, a rare congenital human brain malformation. “The doctor told us that the baby might not even survive for a day. We were devastated,” Santosh said.

But, the baby lived. They named her Dipti. She had to undergo around 8 surgeries, which costed Rs 10 lakhs. But, that only saved her life. It didn’t improve her condition. It was getting onerous for Santosh and his wife to take care of her needs.

The daily struggle to make Dipti’s life as fulfilling as possible started taking a toll on them. “Kavya was too weak. I could see how the whole process had drained her physically, mentally and emotionally,” Santosh said.

“I’m just a weaver. My job earns me Rs 10,000 a month. We’re financially very weak and we couldn’t afford the care of our child,” he said.

Seeing Kavya in so much pain and not being able to meet Dipti’s needs owing to the lack of financial means, Santosh and his wife took the decision of sending their child to an NGO, where she would be taken proper care of.

Dealing With the Emptiness and Stress

When their second child Sana was diagnosed with cancer, their life came to a standstill. She had to undergo a treatment for eight months. Despite several chemotherapy sessions, her condition didn’t improve.
As per Sana’s doctor, Dr. Sunil Bhatt, she will have to undergo bone marrow transplantas soon as possible, and the estimate cost of the treatment would be Rs 28 lakhs. This is an impossible amount for Santhosh to even imagine paying.

Santosh has already spent about Rs 13 lakhs on Sana’s treatment. He has borrowed heavily from his friends and relatives. “I have asked everyone to help me with my child’s treatment. We need a lot more money to save her,” Santosh said.

We’ve already seen a lot of trauma. All we want now is to save our baby Sana. Once she undergoes her treatment, we will also bring Dipti back. Our lives have been difficult without her, Santosh said.
We weren’t left with any other option at that moment and so I did what I thought was right for my wife’s and child’s health. But, now we want to bring Dipti back, he added.

How You Can Help Baby Sana Live

Baby Sana needs your support to get a bone marrow transplant. The family is going through an arduous time. You can help them cope with the tragedy and provide them the support they need to lighten their load. You can help Sana get the life-saving treatment. 

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