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This 16-year-old Who Has Been Sick All His Life Now Needs Blood Every 3 Days To Stay Alive

“He is so tired of all the injections and transfusions. Every 4 days we have to take him to the hospital or his haemoglobin rate falls down to 3 or lower, and he faints out of weakness.”
16-year-old Sachin was barely 6 months old when he got diagnosed with Thalassemia, a rare genetic disorder of the blood, in which the body produces an abnormal form of hemoglobin, thereby reducing oxygen carried around in the blood. Since his diagnosis, he has been alive only on transfusions and heavy medication. Now his condition has worsened so much, that the only way to save him is with a bone marrow transplant.

Frequent high fevers led to his diagnosis

When Sachin was 6 months old, he started getting recurring high fevers. His parents Prakash and Bhavna took him to the doctor and upon running blood tests, his hemoglobin level was found to be dangerously low, at 3. They immediately gave him a transfusion and started conducting more tests. These test results revealed that little Sachin was suffering from Thalassemia.

"Right from when he got diagnosed, his life has been filled with hospital visits.When he was younger he would need transfusions every 15 days, but as he started growing up, the frequency of the transfusions increased to once every 3-4 days. He needs a lot of injections, medication, and transfusions in order to survive. Regardless, all these things are no cure. Sometimes he faints because of this, and he will eventually die of it if we cannot afford the cure."

Sachin has never experienced normal life since childhood

Sachin just gave his board exams for 10th grade. His school life has been far from normal because of his sickness and he didn't get to enjoy it like the other kids his age do. He really wants to get cured of Thalassemia so that he can at least enjoy the normalcy of the rest of his life without having to worry about the regular medical procedures and the weakness that comes with it. 

"He just wants to get done with all of this. The needles, the blood, the pain and the weakness. He constantly tells me how tired he is of treatment. We have to take him to the hospital every 4 days so that he can survive. Sometimes we lose all hope, seeing him this weak and struggle to live."

When the doctors confirmed that Sachin will need a bone marrow transplant, his family members got themselves tested to see if they find a match. Luckily Sachin's elder brother Dinesh was found to be a 100% match. Dinesh is 18 years old and has just finished his higher secondary school. He wants to donate his stem cells to Sachin and help cure him.

Financial crisis prevents Prakash from helping his son recover

Even though they have found a matching donor, they still have a big roadblock in the way of Sachin's treatment, their financial condition. Prakash works in a small store in Jaipur and earns barely enough to make ends meet. Managing household expenses like food, fees for his children etc. never allowed him to save any money. Now if Sachin doesn't get a transplant, he will succumb to his illness.

So far for the treatment, Prakash spends over Rs 10000 each for hospital bills and Sachin's medication. That is way more than what Prakash earns as salary. They have borrowed money from friends and relatives to pay for the expenses so far, but now don't have any more resources.

How you can help

For Sachin to recover, they need a hefty sum of Rs 17 lakhs which is way out of their capacity. In order to pay the bills of the treatment, they need your help. If there is any more delay in the surgery, no one can tell for how long Sachin will be able to fight his condition.

Please help Prakash and Bhavna save their son.

 Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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