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This Manual Laborer's Poverty Got 10 Times Worse After Cancer Diagnosis

People struggle all their lives for a better living. My family is no exception. My wife, Nashima and I worked very hard all our lives earning a living through manual labour. But my cancer has not let me work for months. This has made our poverty 10 times worse.

I am Kabir, and I have lived in Haldia, West Bengal most of my life. I worked as a mason there was a problem finding work in the monsoons there. Nashima used to do menial jobs on farms there. Our income wasn’t enough for even two square meals for the family.

Last year, we moved to Bangalore in search of income around the year. We somehow managed to get our daughters Rohima and Hasina marry off before we moved. Our eldest son, Rahim, now works in the same factory as us. Nashima, Rahim and I work in a small factory where we separate rags.

Bangalore is very expensive for us. The combined income of the 3 of us, has finally enabled us to eat twice a day. However, with the rent and other expenses that we have to bear, our life seems intolerable anyway. And now, I don’t even find a reason to live anymore. I feel that my illness is increasing my family’s grievances and am a burden on them.

I never knew that a mere fever will bash me so hard

I am a 45-year-old man who never had any disease all my life. Last November, I just had a little fever and cough and cold. The fever was followed by chicken pox. I went to a doctor only because it made me unable to work and I was losing my daily wages.

Doctors gave me medicines which reduced the fever. But to my horror, my throat and face were swelling up. We moved to another hospital and the reports confirmed that there was a tumour in my throat. I was scared. I had hoped that it wasn't isn't something serious.

My employer suggested that I go to a cancer hospital. I was still praying that test reports came out clean. But it seems that the poorer a person is, the more is his suffering. I had cancer in my left sinus. I was scared that this cancer will leave me mute forever.

I started taking my chemotherapy. Cancer, not only took a toll on my body but on my entire being. I haven't gone to work since November. Nashima takes me to the hospital, takes care of me, runs to the pharmacy and goes to work, single-handedly. I don’t think I would have been able to do all of this had our roles been reversed.

Nashima has kept up her strong front all this while. But sometimes she has major breakdowns. Her health is lost completely. I am scared that in the process of bringing me back to life, she doesn’t lose hers. She feeds me every day, but she herself can’t eat. She says the tension doesn’t let food pass her throat.

My son is working overtime and has not been able to visit me

Our income wasn’t sufficient for our living. How will it be enough for such medical expenses? Rahim is in Bangalore, but he can’t visit me. He will not get paid if he doesn’t go to work. Also, his employer has helped us a lot. Help will stop if he doesn’t go to work.

My daughters are married. Still, they have given me help. We never ask them for anything. While it was me who always fulfilled my children’s needs, now I have to shamelessly accept the money that they give me. This thought kills me every day, but I don’t want to lose to cancer.

Since I had cancer, I have not been able to go to my hometown and ask for help there. I feel that I am a burden on my family. I have already completed 3 cycles of chemotherapy and still have radiation and chemotherapies so cancer doesn't spread.

We have already spent more than a lakh in few days. We sold what little we had built over the years. We have already taken big loans from our employers. Our income is also reduced to a huge extent. I sometimes feel that my death will be better than all these troubles for my family. But I think if I live I can give them back all the care that they have showered me with.

How can you help?

Sinus cancer will kill me if I don’t get my treatment. The cost needed for my treatment is Rs 3 lakhs and I have exhausted all means to arrange funds.

Your support can save me.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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