A Rare Rickets Condition Has Shrunk This 21 Year Old's Girl's Body To A Mere 4 Feet | Milaap
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A Rare Rickets Condition Has Shrunk This 21 Year Old's Girl's Body To A Mere 4 Feet

"Many times we feel life is really tough on us and `we are surrounded by all sorts of problems. Then we read stories of people such as Roma Gulati. For people like Roma problems which we all face, seem trivial. A normal person cannot even imagine, how difficult it is for her to survive every day. Roma still smiles away wins over the pain........."

Roma for last the 8 years is bedridden, she cannot move as most of the joints in her body are deformed, she can barely use her hands, she is dependent on her mother for everything. It's saddening to see a tall young girl who used to 5 feet 9 inches tall has now shrunken to a mere 4 feet body.
Roma since last 8 years has been suffering from a severe condition of rickets which is diagnosed in one in a billion. Fortunately, her condition can be cured however it will be painfully slow and would require lots of money. Roma's single mother does not have means to fund her treatment and requires support.

A sick daughter, A deceased husband, and a failed business 2008 brought much sadness to Gauri

In 2007 when Roma was a 7th standard student and just 12 years old, she started showing early signs of the disease. She used to constantly complain of joint pains eventually she started getting weak and was then diagnosed with an extremely rare kind of rickets.

In between her diagnosis, Roma's father's timber business took a massive hit and unfortunately had to be shut down to due to a huge loss. This came as a shock to Roma's father Deep Singh and unfortunately suffered a massive heart attack, which took his life.

Already grieving her husband's sudden demise, Gauri - Roma's mother due to financial constraints had to leave her existing home and move to the outskirts of Hyderabad with her two young children Roma and Adhitya.

Since then Gauri with help his brother has been taking care of the children and trying to raise them in the best possible way with the limited funds.

Roma spends her day watching cooking videos and fine-tuning her mothers cooking skills.

Despite bedridden Roma is extremely determined and strong-willed, she does not want to stay idle and usually helps her mother in whatever small way possible. Her favorite past time is listening to the radio and watching cooking videos on her tablet.
She even sometimes kneads the dough for the roti.

"Roma is such a positive girl even if we lose faith that we may not see her on her feet again, she does not give up on her hope."

She says "Ma everything is fine even if my condition does not improve and I will still love you and you will still love me, I know"

"We are barely managing our expenses through the help my brother and getting her treated without any funds looks like a distant dream, I don't know how to arrange money"

Why should you contribute?

Roma's treatment will continue for the next 5 years and the per day cost may come close to 3000 rupees per day. The family requires over 50 lakh rupees to continue the treatment for the next 5 years.

Gauri apart from managing Roma's medical expenses also has take care of her younger son Adhitya's educational expenses along with managing expenses of the household.

Your contribution will surely bring a smile on the face of a mother and help a young girl lead a normal life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the champion or the medical team.

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