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These parents sleep in a hospital lobby to afford their daughter's treatment

Riya is a16-year-old with a critical spinal injury. Her father, a shopkeeper, has shut his small shop in Deoria, UP, to bring his daughter to Indian Spinal Injuries Center, New Delhi. Despite no income, they have spent Rs 8 lakhs on their daughter's treatment. Riya needs immediate medical attention to survive and her parents need help funding it. 

Riya's parents Harsh and Neelam

The accident has left this family in shock

“When one family member is fighting for her life, the rest simply cannot go on like nothing happened. My two younger children are at home, waiting for us to come back. They are scared to leave home – even to go to school – in case something happens,” says Harsh Mani Tripathi, Riya's father. 
Harsh and his wife Neelam are in New Delhi, over 850 kms from their home in Deoria. His younger daughter and son are at home waiting for news of their sister. “This year, she was going to write her Class 12 exams. Even as she lies in the hospital unable to move or breathe, she is worried that this break will bring down her marks,” he says sadly. 

Riya at the hospital now

Riya fell from her terrace to the ground on a pile of bricks on January 18. The fall was so bad that her spine was severely injured and she lost control and sensation in her upper and lower body. While she has been treated and her spine has been decompressed, her breathing still needs to stabilise and she needs therapy so she can get better. 

She is currently being given breathing support. Chances of her regaining complete control of her limbs are bleak and she desperately needs rehabilitation so she can learn to deal with what happened to her for the rest of her life. 

Riya's heartbroken parents just want to save their daughter

“She was the school topper. A very bright, inquisitive child, who wanted to be an IAS officer and take care of the family. Now, our only hope is to save her life and try to make her as comfortable as we can,” says her father. Her parents are shattered that their smart, dynamic daughter will need to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life. 

Riya before the accident

They put on a brave face for their children, but sometimes, the sadness becomes overwhelming. 

He closed and sold off his small shop to bring Riya to the hospital. At the moment, the family has no income. A few relatives and friends helped him as much as they could. The rest came from the family's savings. They have spent Rs 8 lakhs so far and need Rs 17.9 lakhs more for Riya's continued medical care and rehabilitation. 

“Once Riya's life is out of danger, we will have hope. We will make things work out as long as she makes it out of this situation alive and stable,” says Harsh. 

This family has been through a terrible shock and need your support in dealing with their daughter's horrific accident. 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs,contact the campaign organiser.

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