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My Son Is In The ICU And We Need Your Help To Save His Life

For past two months now, my husband and I have been sitting in the hospital, looking at our son, Rithick, through the glass on the ICU door, waiting for a miracle to happen. 

It started as a few spots with lumps in the neck

My name is Revathi. My husband, Shakthivel, is a daily wage worker. It was last year. We noticed a couple of small lumps on his neck. We took him to the doctor, who told us Rithick must undergo surgery to remove these. After reading all the reports, doctors told us that my son has cancer. For us, who are not even sure if we will get work the next day, a word like that tears apart the entire world we had built over the years.

It began there, weekly visits to Madurai, and regular check-ups. It is not about medical expenses only. For my husband, it meant that his week’s earnings only sufficed our commute to and from Madurai. The hospital helped us a lot, but even the cost of travelling would greatly impact our daily, household income. There have been times when we have had to go from person to person, trying to put together the money for an unexpected, extra trip to the hospital.

My Son Is A Brilliant Student

Rithick enjoys learning new things. It was a matter of great pride for us to be called to school by his principal and be told about his beyond excellent performance and beautiful handwriting.
However, both our pride and his learning took a hitting as I had to take him out of school after 3rd standard.

It Kills Us That We Cannot Afford Our Son's Treatment

Aside from medical expenses, our one week’s earnings was just enough for our commute to and from Madurai. The hospital helped us a lot, but with the cost of travel, it was hard for us to manage.

When we thought his cancer was under control, reports showed that his cancer has relapsed.

He needs an bone marrow transplant immediately

My husband and I spent days and nights sitting outside the ICU and have been doing so for the past two months. The last few months have been tough as my husband has not been able to get daily wages. Between working overtime and visiting our son, hoping for a miracle, it has all been very tough for all of us.  

We received some money from the CM Relief Fund that we had applied for Rithick's treatment. That amount has been a saving grace for us and has covered us till now. However, I do not know what will happen after that amount gets over. How will my earnings alone cover the cost of my son's treatment? I cannot even afford a day’s expense for treatment on my own.

The doctors told us that Rithick needs an urgent Bone Marrow Transplant to save his life. This would cost us around 15 Lakh. He cannot survive without it. As time is quickly passing, his condition is worsening.

How  you can help

We go everyday to see our son fight this disease. We see him struggling for his life from the other side of the ICU, hoping and praying for a miracle. All we want is for my son to get back his childhood. For him to go to school, play with his friends and be with his family.

Your support can give Rithick a second chance at life.

Estimate Letter:
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the champion or the medical team by clicking on the link below.

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