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13-Year-Old Will Lose Her Life To Deadly Bone Cancer Without Urgent Treatment

For months no one was able to tell us why our Rinki’s neck was so painfully swollen. She couldn’t open her mouth to eat or even speak. She couldn’t move her head for days. We went from one hospital to another, desperately trying to find a way to ease the pain. The medicines didn’t work. We’ve stood in lines for hours at hospitals, only to be disappointed. It was only in August last year that we found out Rinki has a deadly form of bone cancer.” - Mukti, Rinki's mother.

Rinki’s parents told her that she must stay in a hospital in Calcutta, far away from home and her school to get treated for an infection. Rinki took all her school books and her favorite novels with her. Now, as she gets chemotherapy, she reads her books to distract herself from the severe pain of cancer. After months of chemotherapy, Mukti and Bhagwant are at the end of their wits and money. They have nothing left to continue the treatment that will save their daughter’s life.

Rinki had surgery to remove a large tumor in her neck, but no one knew it was cancerous

Cancer has not only made Rinki physically weak, but she’s no longer the cheerful and bubbly girl her parents and siblings knew. Rinki now mostly keeps to herself. The day she found out she has cancer, she broke down, but quickly wiped her tears and told her parents “I’ll be fine and we all go back home together. Don’t worry about me, I will come back home.” Unfortunately, Rinki doesn’t know the financial hurdle her parents are struggling to overcome. She doesn’t know that without treatment, she won’t make it.

In March last year, Rinki had a surgery to remove a tumour from her neck. No one told us it was cancer. All they said is that she will be fine and the swelling won’t come back. But within a few months, the painful swelling was back. We didn’t understand what was happening, but we never imagined it to be cancer. It was only when we finally took her to Calcutta that we found out about her cancer.”

Rinki was immediately started on chemotherapy. She has completed 9 cycles of chemotherapy so far, but her fight isn’t over. She needs 5 more cycles of chemotherapy, but her parents are struggling.

Even after selling the little land they owned, her parents are struggling to afford chemotherapy

Bhagwant works as a farmer in Lucknow and shuffles between his hometown and Calcutta to meet Rinki every few weeks. He hardly earns Rs. 200 per day, and after spending nearly 12 lakhs on her treatment so far, Bhagwant and Mukti have little left to call their own.

We had to sell our land to start her treatment, but now it’s not enough. She has 5 more cycles left. It feels like the last leg of her treatment, and if we’re forced to stop it at this stage, she will never make it out of this misery. Cancer has already taken away all her happiness, and soon, it’ll take her away from us.”

How You Can Help

Rinki needs 1.5 lakhs to complete her chemotherapy treatment and finally beat cancer. She has been living with the dreadful disease for over a year now and only chemotherapy can save her. Bhagwant and Mukti are desperate to save their daughter’s life, but they’re helpless. Rinki needs your help to fight cancer.

Your support will save Rinki’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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