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Renuka's flourishing buffalo business has brought her joy

When I reached Renuka’s house, she was just rushing off to work. She works as an agricultural laborer, earning around Rs. 140 daily tending fields from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is back-breaking work, but it allows her to meet her family’s needs. Along with this, she also runs her own animal husbandry business. That was the reason for my visit, to know all about her business.
A few months ago, Renuka took a Milaap loan of Rs. 20,000 and bought a buffalo using the loan amount. She had a buffalo earlier, so now she has two buffaloes. She is able to sell buffalo milk to dairy for Rs. 25 per liter, which provides her with a regular source of income.
“One of my buffaloes is pregnant, so now I will be able to expand my business even further,” Renuka certainly seemed happy when she said this. The way her business is flourishing, future prospects look good for her and her family.

Renuka and her buffalo