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Re-lending, auto re-lending and withdrawing your Milaap credits

Re-lending your credits on

To re-lend your credits:

1. Login to your Milaap account, go to and choose a borrower.

2. From the drop-down, choose an amount you want to lend, and click on Give a Loan.

3. The next page will show a checkbox which says 'I want to pay using my Milaap credits'. Make sure it is checked.

4. If your credits are less than the minimum loan amount on the site, you can pay the difference using your credit/debit card and proceed to make your loan.

Auto re-lending

To ensure that your loans go the extra mile and help more borrowers benefit from your contribution, we will automatically re-lend credits over Rs 500 on a monthly basis. If you wish to re-lend the credits to a borrower of your choice, you can opt-out of auto re-lending. Here's how to do it:

1. Login to your Milaap account, click on ‘Edit Profile’.

2. Un-check the ‘Auto re-lend my credits’ box, click on No, thanks in the pop-up box and submit.

To turn ON auto re-lending, make sure to tick the 'Auto re-lend my credits' check-box and submit.

We do recommend that you keep auto re-lending turned ON – this way, instead of lying unused in your account, your credits can do a world of good to someone!

Withdrawing your Milaap credits

To withdraw your credits, please login to your Milaap dash board and click on "withdraw credits". Enter the following details - 

1. Your name

2. Account number

3. Bank and Branch

4. IFSC code

Please note that loans made using only free credits are not eligible for withdrawal when repaid. Also, withdrawal requests will be processed when credits are in excess of Rs 500 or if your loan has been fully repaid.

With us, your funds are in safe hands. we go that extra mile to put a smile on your's and your borrower's face. Read more about it here.