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After Accidentally Swallowing Crystals Of Acid, 2-Year-Old Rajesh Is In A Critical Condition

He was playing just outside the house when he swallowed it and immediately started throwing up. I don’t know who would put it there.”
Rajesh is a 2-year-old little boy, who was very active until a few days ago. Just before last week, while he was playing outside his house, he found lumps of oxalic acid crystals lying on the floor, and before his elders could reach to stop him, he swallowed some of it. His uncle Upender saw him suddenly gasp for breath and clutch his throat in pain. And immediately rushed to his side to see what it was, and by then Rajesh had started screaming and throwing up.


Rajesh's insides are burnt and he can't eat anything

Upender got really scared and he took his nephew to the local hospital. Upon hearing what had happened, the doctors referred them to Rainbow hospital in Hyderabad. Here the doctors ran various tests on Rajesh, including an endoscopy, which showed them how badly his insides were burnt due to the acid. His food pipe and stomach lining had corroded and due to that, his was unable to eat anything. Whatever he would be fed, he would throw it up right away and keep crying out in pain. Following the tests, they did a small surgical procedure where they inserted tubes into his stomach, to feed him directly, in order to make sure he gets nutrition.

“He is in a lot of pain, but he doesn’t cry out anymore. He just silently weeps and sobs out of pain because he can’t tell us how badly it hurts. It hurts to see an active child become so dull.”
Rajesh was a very active kid who would run around and play all the time. But this accident has weakened him and causes him more pain than he can tolerate. In the hospital, he doesn’t talk, doesn’t get up and play, all he does is to cry softly all the time because of the pain. His parents have lost their sleep over their child’s condition.

After losing their first child, Rajesh is the only ray of hope in their lives 

“His life means everything to my brother and sister-in-law. They have already lost a child, and can’t bear to lose Rajesh too. They never thought he would fall sick this way and that his life would be at so much risk.”

Rajesh had an elder brother Harish, who was born with developmental disorders. He was physically handicapped and bedridden since birth and had stunted physical growth. 5 months ago, his disorder took his life and the parents, Venkanna and Bubamma are still recovering from the shock of his sudden death. They were grateful that at least their second child is healthy and now they’re shattered at his condition. They just can’t afford to lose their second child too.

His financial condition is not letting him afford Rajesh's treatment

Venkanna is trying his best to save his son from suffering, but he can’t do much without money and his financial status will not allow him to pay for Rajesh’s treatment. So far, they have spent over Rs 80,000 over his treatment by mortgaging gold and borrowing money from relatives and friends, but now they have run out of all the money and can’t afford the prolonged treatment Rajesh needs, in order to recover. 

How you can help

Venkanna works and daily wage labourer and his wife works as a domestic help in their village in Khammam district. Between the both of them, they earn only just enough to make ends meet. Upender helps them out in whichever way he can, with running the household finances, but all their money put together is not enough for Rajesh’s treatment. In order to save their little boy’s life, they need your help.

Your contribution can bring Rajesh out of his pain and misery.  

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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