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10-Year-Old Who Wrote Her Annual Exams Despite Being Very Sick Needs An Urgent Transplant

“I still remember how weak my poor daughter was that day: her entire body was shaking and she had become so pale. My wife and I begged her not to go to school, worrying that she may faint in the middle of writing the exams. But she was determined to go. She told us, ‘I will be fine, I have to write this exam and get good marks. I worked hard the entire year for this, no? How can I give up?’ Now, her condition has become worse and she is admitted in the hospital. But even now all she talks about is her school and her studies,”-Mahavir, father.

10-year-old Priyanshi is suffering from aplastic anemia, a severe blood disease where the body stops producing enough new blood cells. She needs an urgent bone marrow transplant or she will not survive. She hails from an ordinary middle-class family and her parents do not have the means to save her and are actively seeking your help.

‘What did I do to deserve this pain, Mumma?’

In March this year, Priyanshi started falling sick regularly – she would not even have the energy to get up from bed on some days and on the others she would feel too weak to even do basic activities. After taking her to a good hospital in Jaipur, her parents were shocked to learn that she had aplastic anemia. Her platelet levels fall every 3 days and if she does not undergo blood transfusions immediately, she gets blue bruises all over her body. However, she cannot eat or drink anything post the transfusion as she feels nauseous.

“The port on her neck gives her immense pain and causes discomfort. She can only sleep on one side. My child was such a cheerful and bubbly girl once – always running around the house and making us smile with her antics. Now, she only groans in pain. She asks me what she did to deserve this suffering all the time. I have no answer,”-Rajbala, mother.

Despite giving up his life-savings, this father cannot save his daughter without help

Mahavir is a school teacher in a small town in Jaipur, where he lives with his family of six – wife Rajbala, son Priyanshu, daughter Priyanshi, his aged parents and younger brother. Despite earning just a modest income, he made sure to meet the needs of every family member, even if that meant borrowing money to make ends meet. Despite his financial crunch, he always managed to keep aside a small amount every month as savings. However, he had to give it all up when Priyanshi was admitted in the hospital after her condition worsened. As it wasn’t enough even for hospital admission charges, he had to borrow more money as time passed. Now she needs a transplant and he has no funds left, and is struggling.

“My daughter’s condition is so bad that she is prone to all kinds of deadly infections now. Anything can happen at any point if she does not get this transplant, but I absolutely cannot afford it. Please help me,”-Mahavir.

  With your kind help, this child can get well soon and go back to school and follow her dreams

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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