My 4-year-old son hasn't eaten in 3 months and he needs treatment for 6 more months before he is out of danger | Milaap
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My 4-year-old son hasn't eaten in 3 months and he needs treatment for 6 more months before he is out of danger

My son Pradyuman has mid-gut syndrome, which means that his small intestines are twisted and in my son's case it stopped the circulation to large parts of his bowel and they went bad. Now he needs intravenous nutrition for the next six months. After three surgeries and 45 days of hospitalisation, I have exhausted my resources and need help continuing my son's treatment and saving him.

A bad stomach ache that was a sign of much worse to come

It was Sunday night and Pradyuman had just finished his meal. He started complaining of a terrible stomach pain. He was crying and it was followed by a lot of vomitting and diarhhea. His body looked like he was having seizures and we took him to a hospital when even painkillers did not ease his condition.

We got him admitted in Rainbow hospital and it was there that the doctors said that they would need to cut open his stomach to see what was wrong. Me and my wife Padma were shocked. Our little baby needed an operation just to find out what was wrong with him. 

Pradyuman has already undergone three surgeries and he is only 4-years-old

They told us what was wrong and that parts of his small intestine needed to be removed because they were dead and spoilt. He underwent two surgeries after that where slowly gangrenous parts of his intestine were removed. He now has a small part of his intestine left. We are to monitor him constantly for the next 6 months till his stomach heals or he could die. 

After being in the hospital for 45 days, the doctors have taught us how to plug him to fluids for his nutrition. We regularly check his blood levels. At any given time me or my wife has to keep an eye on him – the doctor has given us strict instructions. I have just started going to work again, but I often work out of home now to be with him. 

Pradyuman used to ask for food all the time at first, but now he has stopped 

We racked our memories trying to think how it had gotten so bad. He had complained of stomach pain before – but what child doesn't? We made sure he passed his motions and his pains also usually went away after that. We never imagined that we were neglecting a condition this grave.

Everyone in the building knows Pradyuman because he loves to talk and play

My wife and I are numb with pain. Pradyuman is sweet boy. Children of our apartment all come to our house for him. If he wants to be friends with someone, he makes a nuisance of himself by turning up too often at their house. He gives away his toys to them, begging to play with them. If they ask him to go away a bit harshly – he comes and cries to his mother.

Once, he joked about how we tried to hide the fact that we eat from him. He was amused, but the remark cut us. At other times, he makes a list of things he would like to eat – trying to motivate himself to go on. It is not chocolates, or his other favourites but foods like rice, sambar, panipuri.

We have started to hate eating. Every meal is a cruel reminder of how much our son is suffering and how close he is to death. We are holding on to the belief that he will heal and get better. I only need to make sure he gets his nutritional fluids for the next 6 months – so his intestines can recover.

I work in a private company and his condition developed suddenly, without warning. I have already used up all my savings and spent close to Rs 23 lakhs. I am finding it hard to keep buying the nutritional IV-fluid that Pradyuman needs. 

Your help will help a very desperate father save his son and I will forever be in your debt. Please help Pradyuman. 

–Srinivas Reddy

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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