13 Year Old Pradeep Bleeds Through Stool And Nose,Your Support Is The Last Option to Save Him | Milaap
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13 Year Old Pradeep Bleeds Through Stool And Nose,Your Support Is The Last Option to Save Him

"Since he was 9 months old my child has been fighting with this blood disorder. Last 13 years I have done everything, beyond by limits to treat my child. I spent everything that I earned so far on his treatment, sold my house, took loan but now I am left with nothing, 12 years is a long time for the parents of a thalassemia diagnosed child and I am a mere car driver....." - Naresh Sen

33-year-old Naresh has done more than enough for saving his child, he is still desperately trying hard to gather whatever funds he can collect through various means so that his son becomes normal and healthy. Pradeep since last 12 years is suffering from an extremely serious blood disorder called thallesimia which prevents him to stay healthy and requires frequent sessions to blood transfusions.
Since last 3 months, Pradeep's condition has deteriorated and he has been advised to undergo a bone marrow transplant, which will be donated by his 2-year-old younger brother Praveen.

Pradeep's condition forced Naresh to quit his job

Pradeep has been getting very frequent episodes of bleeding in the stool, from the nose, and from his mouth. He suddenly starts bleeding and then has to be frequently taken for blood transfusions. Pradeep condition is extremely vulnerable and since Naresh had to travel a lot, he was not able to look after his son all the time. Eventually, Naresh quit his job to look after his ailing child.

"I will never get tired of efforts for saving my child, I visit every hospital which can help my child, I have requested Modiji for PM Fund and Raman Singh Ji for CM Fund, eventually they did offer help. I am trying all the ways through which I can arrange money for his treatment."

It's easy for the doctors to say bleeding happens to every thalassemia patient.

Whenever Pradeep starts bleeding, we get extremely concerned and distressed. His mother even after so many years cries every time she sees him in blood. I still get nervous whenever I take him to the hospital.

Whenever I ask a doctor, why this happens? The doctor says -
"this is normal and happens to patients of thalassemia." I want to get my family out of this "normalcy" we have seen enough suffering, pain, and blood in the last 13 years.

Pradeep's transplant requires another 12 lakhs

Pradeep has been advised by the doctors at CMC Vellore to undergo a bone marrow transplant. The transplant will cost 14 lakhs.

Naresh was a driver and has already exhausted his funds. He also has a family of 6 people to feed, he has to look after his other 2 children, his wife, and his old mother. He is now in desperate need of support. Please help this father save his son who wants to grow and become an IPS police officer.

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