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The Pain Of Having A Damaged Kidney, She Expresses In Her Poems

27-year-old Piyali had plans to make a career in poetry writing. She used to be an optimistic person and was soon going to become a strong and independent woman after her graduation. But in the last 8 years, her life has changed so much. She can only remember days in the hospital. She is an end stage kidney disease patient, struggling to survive.
Here's how she penned down her sorrow

Hothat chomke otha rate Ghum vanga ak duhsopner sathe..
Moner majhe asa nirasar khela Mondo gulo chondo rupe baje..
Chokher samne jolonto agni pindo Jholse jaoa mukh ak fonta asru bindu ..
Behisabi hasi haste pari..anek ta poth jete pari..
Tobu jeno vese gache sukh akankha gulo advut..
Udasiner vela to itihas goreche ..
Sobar anondo sodh korte giye jetuku chilo furiye gache..
Sonali jori kine dite parini mota suto to kine diyechi ..
bidhatar avisap e klanto hoyechi..
Nijer jonno vabina soisob khujte gele tolie jai..
Jibon panchali ananta noy tobu e chokhe ghum nei..
Klanti sorie sohor ghumay ..ami akhono songhater vumikay..
Since last 8 years, Piyali has been going on a never ending cycle of dialysis, both for her kidneys are not functional and family has almost exhausted all of the savings on her treatment.

She talks about how a small hope is keeping her alive and letting her fight this long ending battle, she wants to survive and live to achieve something greater.

An Ordinary Life With Extraordinary Dreams

Coming from a rather ordinary background. Piyali has had an extremely normal upbringing. However, she always had strong aspirations towards her career and life goals. She completed her B.A. philosophy back in 2009 and was looking forward to making a career as a human resource professional. She also had aspirations to pursue her dream as a writer and poet eventually become an accomplished writer in Bengali.

With High Blood Sugar Levels, She Repeatedly Fell Unconscious

Piyali never felt that she was ill until the day she fell unconscious while working on one of her poems. Everyone in the family thought that it was just a case of dehydration in summers.

However, her seizures became very frequent and eventually, she had to undergo tests to identify what was happening in the body. The doctors identified she had an abnormally low creatinine level and abnormally high sugar levels. Her treatment to control sugar levels started by the mid of 2010 and it came under control.

The doctors gave the following feedback on her condition: "She has serious issues with kidney and her sugar levels, it would a challenge to treat both diseases at the same time."

It was the just the beginning, she had much worse complications

By 2010, her kidneys were completely deteriorated and Doctors had to prescribe her a dialysis to ensure her kidneys remained to function.

For almost 7 years the family has been taking her for the dialysis since they could not afford a renal transplant however Doctors have strongly suggested the family undergoes a renal transplant since her body has already started showing signs of complications due bad kidneys.

How you can help

Piyali's brother, Suman works as an accountant in a private company and merely manages to earn 11k per month, the expenses of the family is borne by him only and it becomes a challenge to manage medical treatment expenses of 30 - 40 k per month. Some of the relatives do help them with the expenses. However, it has become a huge challenge to arrange money for her transplant which will cost close to 8 lakhs

Your contribution will ensure an aspiring poet gets a new life and will let her family recover from the depression they have been through.

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