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Devoted 11-Year-Old Prays For God To End Her Suffering From Painful Spine Deformity

Faith enables you to see a flicker of hope when there is darkness is all around you. When everything in life seems to be lost, faith is the key to survival. 11-year-old Vanshika may not have much, but her blind faith is what keeps her going. Barefoot, she visits the temple twice a day, fasts and even performs puja, praying for a miracle to heal her. When she felt like all doors were being shut on her, she knocked at the entrance of the Almighty, where nothing goes unheard.

She has a hunched back due to abnormal spine curvature

"For the last few years, my daughter has lived a miserable life with a large hump on her back. Now her condition has worsened. She has turned weak and is in constant pain. The children in school tease and taunt her endlessly. The curve in her spine is so bad that she can't hold herself up anymore." - Pushpa Devi, mother

11-year-old Vanshika is suffering from Kyphoscoliosis is a combination of two spinal conditions, kyphosis and scoliosis. It results in severe and abnormal curvature of the spine in two planes - the coronal plane (side to side) and sagittal plane (back to front). The only way to rectify this condition is a deformity correction surgery.

When Vanshika was 5 years old, she developed a high fever. Her parents rushed her to the nearest hospital and were shocked at her diagnosis. This condition has greatly hampered Vanshika's growth, and even her upper body is short due to her curved spinal cord.

"My chest, stomach and back, ache badly. I can't sleep at night. I spend the whole night awake and sipping on water, while enduring this pain that seems to have no end. I haven't spent a single moment of my life in a peaceful manner. I yearn to live a normal life. I want to study hard and become a police officer. I want to make my parents proud... As it is, they suffer a lot because of me." - Vanshika

The large hump on her back doesn't let her sit up or lie down

Due to this condition, Vanshika often experiences chest pain and difficulty in breathing. She can't even eat properly owing to continuous stomach aches. There is significant change to her posture, making it difficult for her to walk. The doctors have advised for her to undergo surgery at the earliest, so as to avoid further complications. Unfortunately, her parents are unable to afford it.

"My daughter is very brave. She has made it this far because of her strong willpower. My child has faith in God. She visits the temple and prays for her wellness every day, without fail. I am confident that God will feel her sincerity and listen to her prayers. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to afford her treatment after spending every last rupee I had so far. I ask that you look upon my family favourably and help us save her." - Shokinder, father.

Surviving on minimal earnings, he is failing to give his daughter a new life

Vanshika's father, Shokinder, is a poor labourer. Barely managing to put food on the table, his shoulders the responsibility of his 5 children, his parents, and his ailing daughter. Vanshika's mother, Pushpa Devi, is a housewife. Overburdened by existing debt, and struggling with financial hardships, their daughter's life-saving surgery is beyond these parents' capacity to afford.

Vanshika's condition is worsening, the more her surgery is delayed. The curve of her spine is now pressing against her heart. The throbbing pain in her chest makes it difficult for her to breathe, and in the long run, without treatment, it could endanger her life. Click here to donate and save Vanshika.
Patient Vanshika lives in Haridwar, Uttarakhand
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