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9-Year-Old With Infected Spine & Weakened Leg Needs Multiple Surgeries

Pranshi was only 2 years old, when her mother passed away, following which her father remarried and refused to keep her. When she was all alone and her little eyes were looking for love, her maternal uncle and grandmother became her guardian angels. But, what was supposed to be the end of her misery, only turned out to be the start of her woes.

She found motherly love in her maternal grandmother and was only adjusting to living a new life without her parents, when tragedy struck yet again. 3-year-old Pranshi had been playing on the roof when she lost her footing and fell off, injuring her lower back in the process.
"It happened so fast that neither of us saw it coming. In a span of a few minutes, the fun and frolic of the children turned to crying and shouting. As I stepped out, my little angel was lying unconscious on the floor, and I went into shock as my body trembled in fear. I had already lost my daughter, I couldn't lose my granddaughter too! It's been six years since then, but that accident still haunts me to this day." -  Pranshi's grandmother

Today, Pranshi is 9 years old, and physically disabled due to the injuries she sustained in the accident. She can't do anything on her own and needs support to stand, walk and use the toilet. The iliac artery in her right leg, which was damaged during her fall, is infected and filled with pus. She also suffers from urinary tract infection, muscle dystrophy, and delayed development and learning disability.
She experiences extreme pain, each time she tries to make use of her bad leg, which is now weaker. Her feet have an unusual curve to it, making it hard for her to stand properly, and she has to leverage her hands to drag her body around, when she wants to move. Pranshi requires multiple stage surgeries and prolonged treatment to be able to live a normal life.

Every child deserves to study and stand on their feet, even Pranshi. She can't keep relying on her old grandmother forever. Her maternal uncle is a poor labourer who has already spent everything he had on her treatment. He also has his own family to feed. It's getting hard for him to continue his neice's medicines and treatment.
"Since the day my sister passed away, I have looked after Pranshi like my own daughter. She can't walk, so I have to carry her everywhere. She has a bad infection in her spine that is oozing pus. But what can I do in this state? I am a poor man, and I can't even imagine affording the vast sum they're demanding for her treatment! Please help me." - Pranshi's uncle

Despite all the hardships in her way, little Pranshi stands strong to face life. She deserves a life bereft of pain and suffering, and your contributions can make that happen for her.

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