16-Year-Old Who Suffered Severe Burns In Tragic Accident Dreams Of Being A Doctor To Help Those In Need | Milaap
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16-Year-Old Who Suffered Severe Burns In Tragic Accident Dreams Of Being A Doctor To Help Those In Need

"I get so frustrated when I look at myself in the mirror and just wish that I could end my life. People stare at me as if I’m some bizarre creature from another world. I feel like I'm living a nightmare, and every minute is hell for me. Please God, please free me of my pain and misery..." - Payal

At only 8 years old, Payal's life was disrupted and turned upside down by an unfortunate accident. She had been playing near a fireplace, when one of her friends ended up accidentally pushing her into the blazing fire. The flames engulfed her completely, and the little girl's deafening cries and screams were heard for what felt like hours until help came. 

Her father, who rescue her from the fire was also injured. But he managed to save them both, by jumping into a well. They both survived that accident, but another accident took away her father's life. Today, still haunted by the incident, Payal lives with painful scars that have destroyed her life before she even had the chance to live it properly.

Her burns are physical reminder of the traumatic incident that almost killed her

For 16-year-old Payal, life since the accident has been nothing less than torture. Along with the crippling mental trauma, her disfigured face and burn marks have taken away her confidence. She sustained injuries to her face, resulting in her lower lip protruding outwards and making it difficult for her to eat or speak. But her hand bore most of the brunt of the fire, and she still suffers from excruciating pain.

"She can't do much with her injured hand, and needs help to do every little thing. The wound is still tender and she often cries from pain. When she gets ready for school, she can’t put on her shawl. Neither can she dress herself up or bathe on her own. She has a lot of trouble doing any menial tasks" - Sunita, mother

She feels isolated as her classmates in school ignore her

On top of enduring all this pain and suffering, Payal has a lot more to deal with. At school, she has to sit alone on the back bench, surrounded by hateful stares and words of resentment. She feels isolated, as everyone in the school ignores her. There have been many instances where other children have made fun of her, mocked her appearance and also made negative comments about her. She would return home with tears in her eyes and seek her mother's comforting embrace.

With surgery and appropriate treatment, Payal can lead a dignified life

There is hope for a better life for Payal with proper medical intervention. Most burn scars on her body can be eliminated using techniques such as scar revision, skin grafting, tissue expansion, and non-surgical Fraxel laser technology. The teen can look forward to a brighter future with these treatments.

But for a helpless, single mother like Sunita, a treatment of this extent is impossible to afford. She lost her husband in a tragic road accident in 2020. He had sustained severe injuries, and despite spending huge sums of money on nearly 9 surgeries, he didn't make it out alive. Since then, Sunita has been single-handedly providing for her family by doing any labour work available to her. She has to manage household expenses and children's education with her meagre earnings. Even the cost of her daughter's medications, let alone surgery, is beyond her means.

"We spent everything we had on her father’s treatment. We even borrowed loans, and now I have nothing left. I’m the only earning-member in my family. I have no one with whom I can share my sorrows and mountain of responsibilities. How much can I do for my children by working as a labourer? My earnings can never give them a better life." - Sunita

Seeing that my family is poor, and my situation is so dire, I don’t wish for something like this to happen to other poor people out there. For this reason, I want to be a doctor when I grow up. Please help me fulfill my dreams." - Payal

Sunita has thus far struggled greatly to give her daughter the best life she could. Their financial shortcomings have held her back from getting Payal the treatment she needs. But with your help, this young girls eyes will be alight with hope for the future. Click here to donate.
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