11-Year-Old With Bulging Head And Deformed Spine Needs Multiple Life-Saving Surgeries | Milaap
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11-Year-Old With Bulging Head And Deformed Spine Needs Multiple Life-Saving Surgeries

"My child can't express his pain. His tears rip my heart apart. Even my wife is mentally disturbed. I have to earn and look after my ailing child and disturbed wife. It feels like life is punishing me and my family. I feel helpless knowing I can't do anything." - Rangi Lal, father.

Mukesh is battling multiple life-threatening conditions

11-year-old Mukesh suffers from hydrocephalus, fluid build-up in the deep cavities of his brain; spinal cord compression; brain hemorrhage clotting; neurological deficit; strabismus, a disorder in which both eyes do not line up in the same direction; and loss of bladder control.

Primarily grappling with hydrocephalus, the condition has further led to clots in Mukesh's brain and other neurological disorders, while enlarged head has put pressure on his spinal cord. He requires multiple surgeries to be able to lead a normal life.

He can barely utter a word to communicate or express his pain

It is hard for Mukesh to go about life like everyone else because of his bulging head, which is weighing down on his body. He often falls unconscious due to excessive headaches and eye pain. For the last six months, he has been unable to stand on his feet. Mukesh is dependent on his parents for everything, from being fed to being taken to the washroom. 

But, the good news is that the doctors have raised hope for a healthy childhood for Mukesh with the help of surgeries. Sadly, Rangi Lal has no means to afford his treatment. The poor father's heart aches to see his child in such a vulnerable condition. He feels helpless when he sees other children play, run, eat, talk, and lead a normal childhood.

'How will I save my son before it's too late?' 

Rangi Lal, a labourer, earns merely INR 4,000 a month, which is barely enough to make ends meet, let along afford his son's treatment. Mukesh's mother, Reeta Devi, is also of poor mental health and only manages to do little housework. Rangi Lal single-handedly looks after his son, provides for the family, and does the household chores. He has done his best to treat Mukesh, but poverty has posed as the biggest obstacle. His hope is dying out.

"I hardly manage to gather food for my family after a day's hard work. We don't even have a permanent roof over our heads. What will I do? How will I save my son before it's too late?" - Rangi Lal, father. 

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