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10-Year-Old With Cancerous Pus-Filled Tumour Is At High Risk Of Paralysis

"I can't even walk properly. I walk on my knees and hands when no one is around to help me. I have no control over my bladder movement, and other children make fun of me. My body smells so bad that no one wants to sit near me. I feel like I am living a worthless life." - Manvi

Sunita can't leave her 10-year-old daughter alone, even for a minute. She is always around her, because she fears if her cyst ruptures unexpectedly, and the pus enters her body, Manvi may be rendered paralysed for life.

Manvi, who was born with a pimple-sized outgrowth on her back, had a healthy childhood until she turned 3 years old. The growth eventually started getting more prominent with time and grew 10 times bigger than it once was, turning into a malignant cyst. 

Now, this cancerous cyst has spread to her lower back, and resulted in an open blister filled with pus, making it difficult for her to sit or lie down. She is also a victim of talipes equinovarus, commonly known as clubfoot. It is a foot abnormality caused at birth in which a child's foot is twisted. Furthermore, she suffers from pelvic bone decomposition, bowel and bladder dysfunction, and malnutrition.

It is difficult for this little girl to keep her tears at bay, when she is being forced to endure unbearable pain at the hands of this massive tumour.  Her weak body is unable to bear the suffering that cancer has been inflicting on her. She cannot sit, stand, or walk properly - her lower limbs have stopped working entirely. This vulnerable condition will prevent Manvi from accomplishing essential milestones in life. Doctors recommended immediate surgery, but all her parents can afford is a dressing every week.

"My daughter is very ill. I consulted many doctors and they all said she has cancer. I am an uneducated person, but I understand the severity of cancer. I have seen people dying due to cancer. But I cannot afford the treatment she needs to get better. I can't see my daughter suffering like this, anymore. Please save my daughter. She is my life." - Rakesh, father 

Rakesh, Manvi's father, is a poor vegetable vendor and roams the streets all day, selling vegetables to feed his family. Despite his unrelenting efforts, he earns only about INR 3,000 or 4,000 per month. Manvi's mother, Sunita Devi, is a housewife, who looks after her ailing daughter.

The family had one buffalo and cow, and they sold fresh milk to make an additional income for Manvi's treatment. Yet, they had no choice but to sell the buffalo and their bike, to be able to afford her medicines and dressing. Now they are left with nothing. They already run from pillar to post just to be able to eat two square meals a day. There is no way they can gather such a significant amount for her surgery, no matter how much they try.
"I don't have money for my daughter's treatment. She is our beloved child, and losing her will destroy us! But what should I do? I have stopped at nothing and have done everything I could for her. How will she live when I am not there? The thought that she will have to suffer like this for the rest of her life, kills me." - Sunita, mother 

Manvi can be relieved of this suffering with your kind support.
Patient Manvi lives in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
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