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I Am Losing Sensation In My Legs. If I Never Walk Again, How Will I Achieve My Dreams?

"I was very young when I lost my mother, so my 3 older sisters raised me. They became my strength and support. But since they got married some time ago, all my sisters have moved away from us. Although I have my father and my brother with me, it is not the same. There are things that I can't share with them. I'm all alone, and now because of this condition, I just feel like I've become a burden to them. I can't do anything - I can't even study because reading puts a strain on my eyes. My life has become meaningless." - Mamta

The sudden jolts of pain she would often feel turned out to be symptoms of paralysis

One year ago, Mamta experienced a sharp pain in her leg. She'd been experiencing similar symptoms for a while, but she never brought it up as she didn't want cause concern for her father and brother. But when the pain became unbearable, and she realised she would need medical help, she told her father who then rushed her to the nearby clinic. There, they found out that the 15-year-old is suffering from sciatic paralysis, the loss of control in one or more muscles in the body caused by extreme nerve damage.

Without proper treatment and rehabilitation, she could be paralysed for life

This condition has wreaked havoc on her body. Mamta can't walk, owing to nerve compression in her right leg. She needs support to walk and stand, and experiences a continuous pain in her lower back, making it hard for her to sit for a long duration. She cannot focus while studying, because the strain gives her headaches. She also feels burning sensation and numbness in both of her legs. She is in dire need of treatment - sugrery, rehabilitation and supportive treatment - else she could be bedridden for life.

"My sister can't stand or sit on her own. She has her board exams coming, and she can't focus on her studies. Doctors recommended surgery and medications to improve her condition. But her treatment will cost us lakhs of money, and our small shop doesn't give enough returns to support our everyday expenses. What should we do?" - Mamta's brother.

Struggling to make ends meet, he cannot afford his daughter's treatment.

Mansa, Mamta's father, owns a small ration shop earning merely Rs 5,000 per month. So far, he manages by running the shop when he is able to, as he also has to take care of his children and do house chores. But his worries revolve around Mamta, and how the family will get by if he sold his shop for the sake of her treatment

This widower father is overburdened with responsibilites. But he refuses to give up on his daughter. He wants to save her at all costs, and watch her achieve her dreams.

"I am a poor man. I could not save my wife, and now I am afraid that I will lose my daughter because of a lack of money. Please help me." Mansa, father.

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Patient Mamta Awasthi lives in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
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