12-Year-Old With Dislocated And Decomposing Hip Bone May Lose His Ability To Walk Forever | Milaap
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12-Year-Old With Dislocated And Decomposing Hip Bone May Lose His Ability To Walk Forever

"I can’t walk - I experience pain in my hip with every step I take. I have to use a stick as support while walking. I also have trouble sitting because of sores on my back, that continuously ooze pus. Because of this, my body smells foul, and everyone avoids me. They run away when they see me, and refuse to sit near me. I even had to drop out of school..." - Kuldeep

2 years ago, Kuldeep had an unfortunate accident while playing outside. He'd climbed up a tree, and lost his footing while descending. He fell from a height and dislocated his hip in the process. His father rushed him to the hospital and sought treatment until he'd spent every last penny in his pocket. 

Unable to continue his treatment, he is suffering from dire consequences

Kuldeep's treatment came to a halt, because of his family's financial constraints, and thereafter, his health started deteriorating.  He is a victim of hip dysplasia, an abnormality in the hip joint. The wounds on his hip have now turned into bedsores, his hip bone is decomposing. This has in turn caused an infection that has spread to his hip, thigh and hip bone. His sores are oozing pus and blood and he cannot sit or lie down peacefully.

"We took him a to a hospital and hoped to get him treated. But our finances were wiped completely out and we even borrowed money. Now we’re in debt, and unable to get him the help he needs. So, he’s just sitting at home like this, and things are just getting worse for him, day by day." - Manju Devi, mother

Without proper treatment, there is a chance he may never walk again

Kuldeep urgently needs a spine surgery, along with hip replacement surgery, and knee replacement surgery. The latter two are effective and safe procedures that can relieve pain, improve movement and restore function in severely diseased joints. He has to undergo them in multiple stages, followed by physiotherapy to rehabiliate himself, and strengthen his motor function. 

But his parents don't even have money to get his dressing done, let alone afford such an expensive treatment. There is no way for them to put together INR 24 lakh for this life-altering procedure.

Kuldeep's father, Saroj Kumar, is a poor labourer who works in a brick manufacturing plant. Unfortunately, his health is quite fragile too and he sometimes misses work. To make ends meet, Kuldeep's mother, Manju Devi, also occasionally works on farms. They both strive hard to feed the family two times a day.  

"I borrowed a lot of money on interest to treat my child, but there was no improvement. Now no one is ready to lend me money. My earnings now are not even enough for us to get by, let alone afford his treatment. I am a helpless father begging for help because I can't see my child dying. Your help can give him a new life. Please save my son." - Saroj Kumar, father

"Doctors have said that if he doesn’t get treatment soon, then it’s going to be very difficult for him. We ask of you again to help us. It is our humble request. We are very poor, and are failing to get him treated." - Manju Devi

Saroj is debt-ridden after borrowing heavily for Kuldeep's treatment, and has three other children, whose needs need to be met. If Kuldeep doesn't receive treatment soon, his condition is bound to worsen.  Your support can save Kuldeep from having to live a life of utter suffering and misery.  

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