22-Year-Old With Abnormally Curved Spine And Weak Muscle Strength Needs Life-Altering Surgery Before It's Too Late | Milaap
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22-Year-Old With Abnormally Curved Spine And Weak Muscle Strength Needs Life-Altering Surgery Before It's Too Late

"My heart weeps looking at my old father, who works so hard in the hopes of giving me a better life. He has taken me to so many hospitals, and spent beyond his means for my treatment. Yet, I haven’t been able to get better. He is in debt because of me. All I am is a burden to my parents. I can't keep living like this... I can't watch them struggle, when I should be the one supporting them in their old age." - Jeetendra

22-year-old Jeetendra is a victim of kyphoscoliosis, a combination of two spinal conditions - kyphosis and scoliosis. Scoliosis causes an unnatural sideways spinal curve, while kyphosis leads to an excessive outward spinal curve. Thus, kyphoscoliosis is the simultaneous occurrence of an unnatural sideways and forward/backward spinal curve.

Suffering since he was a toddler, his condition has worsened so much that it is unmanageable now

When Jeetendra was 3 years old, he developed a bulge on his back that caused him several problems. It started with a high fever, and then he started losing strength in his legs. He could not walk and there was hardly any movement in his body. His father then took him to a nearby hospital for treatment, where the doctor prescribed some medications for immediate relief. But the problem persisted.

Over the last 19 years, his condition has only deteriorated. His back and chest have curved abnormally, and he is experiencing difficulty in breathing and eating, fatigue, decreased appetite and stiffness throughout his body. Additionally, he is also suffering from neurological issues, rheumatoid arthritis and heart problems. His knees have also changed in shape, and he faces trouble with walking.

He is no stranger to teasing and mockery at the hands of people

"If fate was on our side, we would’ve had a daughter-in law. Other children of his age are married and have kids of their own. But our son is in this state today. When he steps out of the house, children and even older people tease him saying, 'Look at this weakling!'... Jeetendra returns home in tears, and it pricks at our heart." - Ramsakhi, mother

These parents are struggling to afford the treatment that can give their son a quality life

"After over a year of seeking medical help, the doctors said he would need surgery. But we had no money to afford it. We are merely labourers, and have already spent above our capacity. I do labour work a few times a month, to earn money so we can start his treatment. After spending everything we had, we are frustrated that he isn’t receiving any help. What could we do? We even borrowed money, that we are now struggling to return..." - Ramsakhi

Jeetendra's father, Laxmi, works as a labourer at a construction site. His daily wages are only sufficient to afford two meals a day. His mother, Ramsakhi, is a housewife. She is not in the position to commit to long days of labour work, because that would mean leaving her ailing son on his own. 

Laxmi took a loan with heavy interest for his son's treatment, but now he is not in a condition to repay the debts and needs more funds to save his son's life. 

Jeetendra has been fighting for a long time and now his body has stopped supporting him. He is in urgent need of multiple surgical procedures and physiotherapy sessions to rid him of his misery. But his parents have used up every last penny in his treatment so far, and the surgeries are completely out of their reach. 

According to doctors, Jeetendra's treatment would cost approximately INR 22 lakhs, an amount his Laxmi and Ramsakhi could never have even imagined in their wildest dreams. These poor parents have no idea what to do or where to turn for assistance. They are now awaiting a miracle to save their child.

This poor couple is sitting under a falling roof, trying to gather pieces of hope to survive a tough battle against their son's serious illness. They have lost everything; all they have is their only son, their hope for the future. They need your urgent help to save Jeetendra.
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