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Furkan Feels God Has Cursed Him , He Has Lost His Crucial Years Because Of The Facial Tumour

"Why did God have to curse me like this? No one has ever let me live a peaceful life. My face incites fear in people, and they run away from me. This tumour has robbed me of my crucial years, confidence and career. I had to drop out of school and couldn't even go to work because of my face. I feel so useless in life." - Furkan.

22-year-old Furkan has a rare genetic disorder that can take his life, if left untreated.

Furkan was born with a rare condition called neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumours to form on the nerve tissues. The right side of his face is covered with a massive tumour. He has difficulty hearing from this side, as fluid oozes out of his ear. He feels dryness and pain in his throat as he speaks, and experiences continuous headaches along with other neurological complications. His eyes have swelled up, affecting his vision. 

His parents didn't pay much attention to it, as it hadn't been that serious initially. But as he grew, so did the tumours, and his condition worsened with time. When it was apparent that he would need to see a doctor, Furkan's father borrowed money from relatives, but could not continue the treatment after he ran out of funds.

Young Furkan has lost the desire to live, as he has endured a lot of suffering during his early years of life.  He needs immediate surgery before this tumour destroys his life

"My child doesn't step out of the house because people ask him weird questions about his face. He was bullied by his classmates at school and even his teachers refused to teach him. He is living a dark life, far away from this colourful world. I feel so helpless, as I can't do anything to free him from this misery." - Furkhana, mother.

Furkan's father, Apsaroon, is a vegetable vendor. A few years ago, he met with an accident and sustained a foot injury resulting in a disability. Yet, he roams the streets day-in and day-out to earn a living and makes a monthly income of only INR 5,000. Furkan's mother, Furkhana, is a housewife. But occasionally, she goes to other's people's houses to cook and clean. Her work depends on availability. Already debt-ridden, these parents can't afford Furkan's treatment in such a condition.

"I am so weak. It's hard for me to roam the streets with a vegetable tray all day, but I have no other option. My injured foot still gives me discomfort, but my pain is nothing compared to what my child is going through. I wish I could do something for him." - Apsaroon, father

"I want to help my father. I wish to be his support as he is already struggling with his disabled foot. I can't see them suffer because of me. Please help me." - Furkan 

These poor parents feel troubled seeing their 22-year-old son sticking to one dark corner of the house all day. They long to see Furkan become successful and shine in life  and want him to get well, so he can be their support in their old age. But looking at his condition, it seems impossible. Furkan needs urgent surgery, but his parents cannot afford the hefty price it comes at. Your generous support will give Furkan the gift of a beautiful life, one he never had the chance of living.

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Patient Furkan lives in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
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