This Baby Has Had More Medicine Than Milk, Born With Abnormally Curved Hands And Feet. This baby Needs Urgent Treatment | Milaap
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This Baby Has Had More Medicine Than Milk, Born With Abnormally Curved Hands And Feet. This baby Needs Urgent Treatment

"I was extremely excited that I was going to become a mother, and also extra cautious. But I never thought I would have such a complicated delivery where my baby would be battling for his life since the moment he was born; neither did I imagine seeing him in such a miserable condition. I too am in so much pain from my C-section delivery, that I can barely hold him in my arms." - Radha, mother.

Radha had a complicated delivery; in the midst of birthing, her baby got stuck and doctors had to perform emergency c-section. But, the joy that she felt the minute she heard her baby's cries were instantly replaced with sadness and dread at the doctor's words - her baby's hands and feet were curved inwards.

His parents have approached several hospitals for treatment, but in vain

Radha's 3-month-old baby is too weak. Besides his abnormally curving hands and feet, he also experiences excruciating pain in his stomach. He cries inconsolably, unable to take feed properly and doesn't even pass stool. He is also suffering from pneumonia. Since birth, this baby has been in and out of countless public hospitals, yet he has had no respite. If left untreated, his condition could be fatal.

I underwent a complicated surgery, and I have been enduring the pain for over a month. There is no one to manage the household. I don’t have in-laws to help me, either. Just my 10-year-old daughter. The sooner my baby can get treatment, the faster he can get better and grow up normally. My worries will be eased. This is my only wish, and I ask of you to help us." - Radha, mother.

'I work in a brick kiln, earning just 30 rupees a day'

Suresh is a daily wage worker and works in a brick kiln under the scorching heat of the sun, hoping that his hard work will pay off one day. Radha is a housewife, and is currently is on bed rest as she is still recovering from the c-section. She feels helpless seeing her child in such a vulnerable condition.
"People celebrate the birth of a child, but all we are doing is running to the hospital every day with pain and grief overwhelming us. I am a poor man, and survive on labour work. How will I get my son treated? I have a 4-member family, and my child’s treatment will cost us a lot of money. I keep thinking about what we will do and how we will get him treated. I just can’t make sense of things.- Suresh Kumar, father.

This poor child has not enjoyed a single moment of his life without being in pain. As small as he is, he doesn't know what is happening to him, and that his parents live each day with the fear of losing him. He has had medicines more than milk in the last few days. He needs treatment urgently, failing which it might be too late to save him.
Suresh has not left any stone unturned for his son's treatment. However, arranging funds for his life-saving treatment is simply beyond his means. Click here to donate and save Suresh and Radha's newborn.

Patient Baby of Radha lives in Haridwar, Uttarakhand
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