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3-Year-Old Adil's Painful Facial Tumour Needs Urgent Help To Live

"The sight of my baby with dreadful tumourous cyst makes my heartache. I can't help reduce his pain but pray. He finds it hard to perform basic activities like eating or speaking. But what can I do? I have no money. I want my baby to live a pain-free life and get rid of this tumour. Is this too much to expect?" Aisha, Adil's mother

Alarming Alert! Baby Adil has a growing tumour inside his mouth conquering his head, ears and other body parts.

Three-year-old Adil's woes began when he was born with a little cyst on his cheek. It was a small, noncancerous cyst at an initial stage that turned cancerous due to a lack of proper treatment, because of which he is leading a life of suffering and pain at such a tender age. As the doctors suggest, Adil can be saved, but it will require effort with multiple surgeries and prolonged treatment, including plastic surgeries. But Adil can be saved, which means we will save Adil's family's future.

"At first, it was hardly noticeable, and we didn't even care much about it. But when it started getting bigger and he complained of pain, we realised it was serious and rushed to the hospital after collecting little money from friends and family. We were shocked to discover that our negligence due to poverty has caused a tumour to our little child. The doctors suggested an immediate operation to save his life, but how can we do this without money? Our child is paying a heavy price for the delay now. Any further wait would take his life. I request you to save my grandchild." Adil's grandmother requests help.

Now the cyst is the size of a ball with a big blister on his tongue, and they fear it will grow deeper and take their child's life.

With the excruciating pain from his pus-filled cyst, Adil is restless day and night. The intensifying tongue blister is making it hard for him to open his mouth, due to which he is unable to eat or speak properly. As his mother feeds him, there is a continuous flow of tears from his eyes. With the tumour taking control over his face, he cannot hear from his left ear, his left eye vision is affected, and he complains of a continuous headache. Doctors suggested that any further delay could cost him a life.

"This tumour bothers my baby during his sleep, causing severe pain and discomfort. Not a single day had passed when I didn't wake up in the middle of the night to lull him back to sleep. As the time pass, I look at my child helplessly and fear that there might come a day where this tumour can claim my child's life." Aisha, Adil's mother

Ajmeruddin, a poor labourer, is battling hardships each day to feed his family of seven members. Even though Adil's father struggles with his livelihood, he has left no stone unturned to give his child a healthy life.

Being the sole bread-earner of the family, he is working relentlessly in hopes of gathering enough money for his child's operation. But, looking at his income and family size, it seems impossible. His child is his hope for a better future. Please don't let his hope die.

With no resources in hand and a scanty income, the family is knocking on every possible door to save their little bundle of hope, leaving them disheartened. The family resides in a shattered dwelling, where their only hope to get out of this vulnerability is their son, who will study, build his career and make their lives better. But, this can only happen if Adil gets proper treatment.

"If he is in pain, how will he tell us? I want him to have a healthy life and a successful career. We can't afford an operation. My husband only earns and feed our family. If my child gets treatment, we can all have a better life in future. I request you to save my child and our hopes for a better life." Aisha, Adil's mother

Despite frequently throwing curveballs at this family, they have gathered the courage to come forward for help and not give up on their child's treatment. With the falling income, they have left everything to fate and await God's angel who would help them save their child's life.

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Patient Adil lives in Aliganj, Uttar Pradesh
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