This Mother Lost Her First Child Just A Week Before Delivery, She Now Struggles To Save Her Daughter From Heart Disease | Milaap
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This Mother Lost Her First Child Just A Week Before Delivery, She Now Struggles To Save Her Daughter From Heart Disease

The first month of Nusefa's birth was happy. It is because of her that I started to live again. I started to believe that life was not cruel always. Her first smile is ingrained in my heart. It washed away my sorrow. But when she first began to struggle from breathlessness, my world came crashing down.

2-year-old Nusefa is battling a severe heart disease

Just a month of her birth, Nusefa started showing signs of being very sick. She had high fever and breathlessness. I rushed her to a hospital and a couple of tests confirmed that she was born with heart disease. The valve that sends blood from the heart to her lungs is not formed properly. So blood is unable to get enough oxygen from the lungs. This is why she keeps gasping trying to breathe. She is suffocating every moment.

It is overwhelming to see my baby clinging to life. Her life is uncertain. Knowing this harsh truth, I'm not able to stop crying and being anxious all the time. Whenever she suffers from breathlessness, I would imagine that death is hanging around and that very thought almost chokes me. I wish I could take on her pain and give her relief.

Nusefa suffers from breathlessness frequently

My fear of death snatching her away from me is not unreasonable. Five years ago, when it was almost time for delivery of my first child, my baby passed away. Even before I could hold her in my hands she passed away. It was totally unexpected, my pregnancy scans were all perfect, I sensed her movements even a few hours before her heart stopped. It took years to come out of the pain. 

Medications are not helping Nusefa

How can fate have such cruel plans? How can it snatch my baby every time I begin to hope that I will raise them with all my love and care? I can't imagine going through this darkness again. There is no light in my world without my daughter. I can't lose her. She deserves to live a normal life like any other children.

Nusefa needs heart surgery at the earliest

Nusefa is now 2-years-old, she has been surviving all these days with medications. She has not shown any signs of improvement. Doctors say that only a surgery can save her and it cannot be delayed any further. Although she seems to be normal except for her breathing problems, her complications can turn fatal without a surgery.

Nusefa is my angel, she has been strong all through this painful journey. I cannot imagine losing her any cost. Surgery is the only solution but I do not have money for it. I feel guilty and completely helpless. I do not understand what I did to deserve this. My life will never be the same without her.

Nusefa's parents are struggling to save her

How you can help

My husband Ismail works in a grocery shop and earns Rs 8,000 per month. We live a hand to mouth life. We do not have anything to sell. He needs to take care of his elderly parents also. We are grateful for all the emotional support we get from our family. Unfortunately, no one can extend financial support. Only your support can save her life. Surgery requires Rs 4 lakhs. Please help me to save my daughter from this terrible disease. A surgery can help her to live a normal life.

Your contribution can give her a chance to live her life!

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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