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Now they need not worry about the frequent power cuts

Bal Maa Parbati SHG lives in the outskirts of Balangir. I had gone to meet this group recently to know and understand the aspirations of the people better. Gita is the leader of the group and is a housewife. Her husband is a peon in the horticulture office nearby. Most of the times there are frequent and long power cuts which affect their household work and business related works badly. This was also the reason why they had approached Milaap field partner for the solar lanterns. They have good experience in using the solar energy, which has eased their problems to an extent. As they enquired about me what other facilities are available for them through my organization, I told them how in various ways Milaap has been helping the underprivileged people in making their lives better with the help of Milaap field partners and gave them an insight into various other loan products available through Milaap which can help them in enterprise development, education and sanitation.

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