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Notes from our field trip

Last week, the Milaap team went on a field trip to Dharwad, Karnataka. A new batch of students began their vocational training facilitated by Grameen Koota. The education loans on Milaap are for students looking to take up this GRAVITY vocational training course.

The new bunch of students were reluctant to speak much at first, but slowly opened up. It was their first day, after all! They came from different parts of Karnataka and from different backgrounds. But they all had the same aim: to undergo vocational training that would help them become more confident, able individuals, get trained for the job markets, and most importantly, to be employed at the end of it!

Most of the students wished to get a good job and support their families. One of the students thought a bit differently though - he wanted to save up to study further to...become an IAS officer! How wonderful is that?

More stories will follow soon. For now, here are a few pictures.