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After Almost Losing Her Husband To Cancer, 54-Year-Old Noor Is Now Fighting The Same Disease

In the last six months, Noor Jahan’s health has rapidly declined. What she thought was only fatigue, turned out to be pancreatic cancer. Noor’s family took her from Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh to Bangalore for treatment. Due to the seriousness of her condition, she was advised to undergo surgery at the earliest. Noor underwent a 10-hour long, strenuous surgery on 29 December. She needs to remain under observation and hospital care for longer, but her family is struggling to find a way to keep her there.

Her husband was diagnosed with cancer last year

Last month, Noor was taken to the hospital after she complained of severe stomach pain. Her eyes had become yellow and she was more tired than usual. She had jaundice and thought it would be cured in time. However, several tests later, she was diagnosed with cancer. The news shattered her husband and three children. It was only last year that Noor’s husband had successfully recovered from cancer. The family was hoping for a happy, healthy future after his treatment, but life took a turn for the worse once again.

“First my husband and now me. I don’t know what else life has in store for us. After his treatment, we thought our life would finally go back to being normal. A year ago, I lived in fear of losing my husband, and now I'm living in fear of losing my own life.”

Noor with her husband and daughter

Despite innumerable hurdles, Noor finds a way to stay strong

Noor hasn’t let anything break her evergreen spirit and positivity so far. While the news of her husband’s cancer was devastating, she knew she had to stay strong for her husband and children. She would sometimes cry when she was alone, away from the eyes of her family, but the thought of giving up never crossed her mind.

“I have tried to remain positive through everything in life. A few years ago I met with an accident that left me with a limp when I walk, but I didn’t let that bring me down. Even after the news of my husband’s cancer, I never let my children see that I was worried and scared. I’m trying my best, but every time I think our lives are getting better, we’re thrown a new difficulty,” she says.

Noor with her son and daughter

Further treatment in the hospital is her only hope

Noor and her family don’t have the means to pay for her treatment. Her husband, Shabbir, used to be an electrician but he hasn’t been able to go back to work ever since his illness. Her oldest son is a lorry driver, while the youngest works in a small shop in Hindupur. Her daughter is a housewife. All their earnings are not enough to even begin to cover the cost of treatment.

"My youngest son stays with my husband in our hometown to take care of him, while my oldest son and daughter stay with me here in the hospital. We don’t have money to pay for rent in the city, so we’ve requested the hospital to let my children stay here with me. They haven’t eaten well or slept in days, since they have to take turns to sleep. It's a struggle for us in every way."

Noor underwent a major surgical procedure to remove the cancerous tumour in her pancreas. She is currently in the hospital under observation. Noor needs continuous hospital care and medication for 10 more days to start recovery. However, her family is helpless. They’re fighting hard to overcome the disease but have no means to pay the hospital bills.

“We come from a very humble background. We were able to pay for my husband’s treatment only because of crowdfunding. It was our only hope then, and continues to remain our only hope now.”

Noor is determined to get better. She hopes that she will soon be able to play with her grandchildren again, and she and her family can finally have a life without pain.

How You Can Help

Noor underwent a major surgery to remove a cancerous tumour in her pancreas. However, Noor needs to stay in the hospital for longer to get better and have a fighting chance of beating cancer. Her family is doing all they can to save her, but it isn’t enough. She needs 3.75 lakhs to get treatment and slowly start her journey toward recovery, but the amount is too large for this family of humble means. Noor needs your support to win her battle against cancer.

Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards her treatment.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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