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Next set of 10 entrepreneurs!

LOAN STATUS: S$200 of S$3250 FUNDED 


EXPIRING ON: 30th June 2010, 2359 hrs 


Here are some of the next set of women entrepreneurs who Milaap with be funding. Sakhi Selection is a stringent process. All the Sakhis answer a detailed questionnaire ( consisting of ~45 questions). The warehouse manager of the area ( who is well aware of the kind of sales each Sakhi does) then validates the information given by the Sakhi. All the questionnaires are then meticulously studied by Sakhi Retail (SRPL) and a bunch of them are recommended for a loan. SSK (The microfinance partner) then looks at the recommendations submitted by SRPL and then looks at the credit history of those sakhis. Based on previous loans taken and the repayment discipline etc, SSK either approves the loan or refuses to give the loan to the Sakhi.

This process typically takes 3-4 weeks. The newer profiles are slowly tricking in. Here is a glimpse of some of the upcoming women entrepreneurs. We are raising $3250 for them. Please make a loan and help us make this Sakhi project a success.!

To give a loan, please transfer funds to DBS Current A/c 001-902869-8. Once transferred, please leave a comment here like - "I loaned $100 - transferred online" so that we can keep track of what is the amount remaining for this project. Thanks for your support!