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This Father Who Cannot Afford Food For His Family Is Struggling To Save His Son From Cancer

19-year-old Nandha Kumar's life was never an easy one. A bright and ambitious student, he sacrificed his studies and dreams after class 10 to help his family. He decided that if not him, at least his his younger sister  Avvai Selvi (15) would complete her education. But instead of working towards his dreams, he is now fighting the dread disease - cancer.

His hands and legs were swollen, he couldn't even walk, when the doctors told him he had cancer

A few months ago, Nandha Kumar had nausea and a high fever. The family waited for it to get better but he got worse. His hands and legs were swollen and he couldn't even walk. He was rushed to the hospital and there they heard the terrible news - that Nandha Kumar had blood cancer.

Everyone in the family was devastated. They didn't want to believe what was happening. Nandha Kumar is the pillar of strength in his family. Despite poverty, his energy and intelligence comforted everyone. But over the past weeks, he has suffered a lot and changed. He is slowly losing his personality and cancer has taken over his mind and his body.

 Only a Bone Marrow Transplant can help him survive

"My son does not deserve this much pain at this age. I can't bear to see him in such a pathetic state. I was hopeful that at least my children will have a life better than me, but this way, he may not even have a life. It is as though God has put a curse on us. He should have chosen me and not my son," says Alagumalai father of Nandha Kumar.

Nandha Kumar wishes to be strong but the fear is visible in his eyes

Jayalakshmi, Nandha Kumar's mother recalls how her son was always positive and promised to work hard and improve their lives. He never felt bad for giving up his studies because his priority was his family. Even now, he is struggling to be strong but there is pain an fear in his eyes.

For the first time in his life, Nandha Kumar feels helpless

"He is desperate to leave the hospital and go home. He is restless all the time. He feels guilty for giving us trouble and not supporting us. Which young person thinks this way? But he does. It is our responsibility to save him, but we are helpless," says Jayalakhsmi

His parents are daily wagers and are struggling to meet the ends

Nandha Kumar is undergoing chemotherapy. Unfortunately, his condition is deteriorating and he needs a bone marrow transplant. His sister is a good match and can be the donor. The only problem is that his parents are left with nothing to spend for the treatment. 

His parents are both daily-wage labourers, and since the diagnosis, his mother has been with him in the hospital. It is not possible to even have 3 square meals a day with the income of his father alone. Treatment is simply is unimaginable.

Nandha Kumar's parents cannot afford the treatment with their meagre income

How you can help him

Alagumalai earns only Rs 200 per day. They are both physically and emotionally exhausted. They are relying on God and strangers to save their son's life. Nandha Kumar deserves a life and his parents need 15 lakhs for the transplant. Your contributions can save his life.

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