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This Farmer Struggling To Save His Son, Seeks Help For Treatment

Nanjappa, a farmer was leading a happy life with his wife and tow children- Chitra and Najaraj. He didn't have a good income through agriculture but he managed to run the family. But now he is in the hospital, praying that his son should stay alive. 8-year-old Nagarj is suffering from a rare disease and is fighting for his life.

8-year-old Suffers From Rare Genetic Disorder

When Nagaraj fell ill, they family didn't know that he is suffering from a grave illness that can threaten his life. Nanjappa, Nagaraj's father is a farmer and it took some days for the family to understand that this meant their lives would never be back to normal. Thus started this farmer's struggle to save his son. Nagaraj is suffering from Fanconi's Anaemia, Fanconi Anaemia is a genetic disease that mainly affects the bone marrow. It results in decreased production of all types of blood cells. 

"Doctor told us that it is a rare disease but we didn't believe my son will suffer like this. I always had big dreams for my children but now seeing my Nagaraj suffering like has affected me. I don't know what to do", says Nanjappa.

Sister Agrees To Be The Donor For Brother's Transplant

When Nagaraj's doctor informed that the curative option for his condition is a bone marrow transplant, Nanjappa didn't understand how much it will be cost. Nagaraj needs a donor for the transplant but luckily, his elder sister is a match to be the donor. The cost of the  transplant is 10-12 lakhs and Nanjappa has nothing left to pay for the treatment. His relatives have not visited them even after knowing but Nagaraj's illness. He is undergoing treatment at Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital in Bangalore.

Farmer Father Has No Money Left To Pay For Son's Treatment

The family has sold everything possible, borrowed from whoever they can to treat Nagaraj till now. But this big hurdle has put all their efforts and struggle in vain.  Pushpa, Nagaraj's mother doesn't stop crying thinking about her son. "He wouldn't tolerate even a small pain Now, I don't know how my son is managing this pain. We are poor and we do not know how this transplant is done but this is the only option . I want to save my son".

How You Can Help

Nanjappa can save his son's life if we support him. Funds raised through this campaign will be utilized for his bone marrow transplant. This farmer does not see a way other than seeking support from people. The whole family waits in the hospital with the hope to see Nagaraj recover.  With our help Nagaraj can be saved.
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