"My mother-in-law is my backbone"- Bhuvaneswari | Milaap

"My mother-in-law is my backbone"- Bhuvaneswari

As I entered Bhuvaneswari's house, who lives in a village called Salappatti some 45 kms from Tiruchirpalli, I noticed a lady, surrounded by huge stack of used vessels,  looking after a child and also washing the dishes. Bhuvaneswari, who was inside the house, cooking at the time, immediately rushed out to meet me. She told me that the lady was her mother-in-law looking after her only son who is two years old. We sat down to talk just outside the shed where she keeps the goats that she bought with the help of the loan amount from GMF, funded by Milaap. 
After receiving the loan amount she purchased one pregnant female and one male goat. The goat has given birth to two female kids. The male goats, once they are old enough, will be sold for its meat and will fetch her at least Rs 6,000. The females goats will be sold for close to Rs.7,000 for the purpose of giving birth to more goats. The female goats will give birth to kids every six months. Festival seasons are extremely lucrative for the business, she says. Apart from this she also has 6 cows and two calves. One of her cows had passed away recently while giving birth to its calf. She was extremely upset about it and was almost on the verge of crying since she was very attached to the animal. It used to give around 20 litres of milk every day. She told that she earns almost Rs.20,000 from the milk she sells. The family owns a mat making mill but since it hasn't rained enough yet for them to grow the raw material required to make these mats, her husband has been working as a painter in the town. They are waititng for monsoon to start so they can start working at their mill again.
Bhuvaneswari with her lovely goats

Bhuvaneswari with her lovely goats and cows
While we were chatting, her mother-in-law brought me a cup of coffee made with the fresh milk they'd just procured from one of their cows. It tasted absolutely delicious. She also very proudly told me that Bhuvaneswari will start work in a hospital as a nurse very soon. She has finished her training in nursing and is now looking for a job. Bhuvaneswari smiled and said, "My mother-in-law is my backbone. I asked her if I could go work as a nurse and she very happily agreed to look after my child and the goats and cows in my absence in addition to doing the household chores." It was wonderful to see the kind of bond that these two women share. With the backing of such a supportive family, Bhuvaneswari will certainly succeed in life. 

Bhuvaneswari with her lovely goats and cows