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His Private Area Is Split Into Two, With An Open Wound Troubling Him

**Warning: Graphic content ahead

"When I look at my child's innocent face, I feel guilty. He is so little even to understand anything, and all he has experienced in these two months is intense pain. I can't even feed my child any milk! Why has Allah punished me this way? I wish there were a way for me to my child's pain away." - Nankai, mother

Little Muhammadin smiles his way through pain, unaware that every ticking minute is a fight against death. His infectious smile gives his parents the hope to keep going, despite all the hardships that stand in their way. Their biggest concern and fear right now, is the well-being of their baby boy, Muhammadin, who is suffering from exstrophy-epispadias complex.

He cannot pass urine like normal babies, due to rare congenital condition

A rare birth defect, exstrophy-epispadias complex is caused by a developmental abnormality 4-5 weeks after conception, involving the abdominal wall, pelvis, urinary tract, genitalia, and occasionally the spine and anus.

"All we wanted in life was a healthy baby. We thought he would have a healthy future and become our support system in our old age. But his body is only getting weaker by the day, and we can do nothing." - Nasruddin, father.

After undergoing one surgery, he needs multiple more to lead a normal life

Muhammadin's condition is so complex that only a surgery can save him. His private area is split into two, with an open wound troubling him. He finds it challenging to urinate, as it accumulates in the wound instead of being passed out of his body. His parents took him to the hospital five days after his birth, and he underwent a surgical procedure, but there was no improvement.

Doctors suggested that he would need more surgeries in future to rectify his condition, and also informed them that he has a hernia. Even his head has started to grow broader. His parents already borrowed money on interest to cover his medical bills, and now they are left with nothing to seek treatment for him.

Timely treatment can save him, but his parents can't afford it 

While Muhammadin looks like an average child, behind his innocence is this complicated, life-threatening condition that has snatched his precious childhood away from him. With timely surgery, he will have a high chance of recovering from this condition. But if delayed any further, it can take his life.

"I hardly make 200 to 250 rupees a day. What should I do? Moneylenders keep knocking on my door demanding repayment, while I'm struggling to put food on the table and afford my child's medicines. I just can't fulfil all these requirements with my limited income. My child is writhing in pain and there isn't enough time to arrange for such a big amount for his treatment. We don't' have the means to do it." - Nasruddin, father.

Nasruddin, a poor labourer, gets ocassional work, as he has to take his son to the hospital every other day. He is ready to do any work to feed his family, even if it means earning a small income. His wife, Nankai, feels defeated and guilty for not being able to feed her child when he cries for milk. They have already borrowed INR 70,000 with heavy interest for Muhammadin's treatment, which went in vain. Now no one is ready to lend them the money

Muhammadin's little body is not strong enough to bear so much pain and keep going. He needs surgery on an urgent basis to survive. His parents desperately want to save him, but they are helpless. They need your support to save their only child from the grips of this possibly fatal condition.
Patient Muhammadin lives in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh
Being treated in India Hospital, Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh

Receiving treatment for Severe Cloacae Exstrophy

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