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3-month-old Who Almost Died Of Breathlessness Needs A Surgery In 24 Hours To Survive

“Ansif’s body started moving violently all of a sudden. He was breathing faster and faster, until he stopped breathing completely. He was unresponsive; we thought we lost him at that moment,” - Niyas, 3-month-old Mohammed Ansif’s father, who is battling for his life in the ICU.

This baby’s weak heart has been him failing him since birth and now threatens to kill him

When he was born, instead of going right to his loving mother’s arms, he went right to the ICU. He had a blue tinge to his skin and could not breathe properly right from the beginning. Ansif has a congenital heart disease, where the flow of oxygenated blood to the lungs and back is restricted.

“He was in the NICU for almost two weeks. After that, we were able to take him home but he was not fully out of danger. The doctors told us that he should be kept in an isolated room and not many people should be allowed to touch him. I had to take care of him all on my own. He has never had a good night’s sleep since birth. And now, he is fighting for his life,”-Jasna, Ansif’s mother.

His father had to borrow money and spend less on food and supplies, just to take him for check-ups once in two weeks

Every two weeks, Niyas and Jasna had to take Ansif to meet two different specialists just to ensure that his heart is stable. They spent less money on food and grocery, so that they could keep some money aside for these regular check-ups. These trips used to make the baby restless and tired, but it was necessary to sustain his life.

“We made sure that we took him regularly to the hospital as advised by the doctors. His heart was very fragile from the beginning, so anything could happen to him at any point. I had to borrow money from my daily-wager father to do this. I was ashamed to borrow money from my own father, but we could prolong his life to this extent only because of the regular check-ups and that was more important to me than my own pride,”-Niyas

Ansif’s heart almost failed, and now he waits to have a life-saving surgery

Baby Muhammed Ansif is in a life-and-death situation right now. He had to be rushed to the hospital after he almost stopped breathing. His father, Niyas, had no option but to beg the doctors to give his son a chance to live.

“I cried and begged the doctors to save my son’s life. They were kind enough to admit him, but they have told me that without a heart surgery, he will not survive for long. I pooled in some money from relatives and friends, and have paid almost Rs 46,000 at the hospital. I need Rs 2 lakhs to save Ansif’s life. My wife and I have been struggling for three months to just see him come out of this alive,”-Niyas, crying helplessly.

How you can help

Niyas used to work in a hotel as a helper and earn around Rs 300 a day, before he became fully involved in taking care of his son. He has not been going to work regularly for the past three months. His life only revolves around making sure his sick son survives. Rs 2 lakhs is required for Ansif’s surgery, and Niyas does not have anybody to turn to in this crucial period.

“I have already borrowed enough money from my father. We do not have any land or property that we can sell either. Rs 2 lakhs may not be a big amount for many, but even if I toil hard for one whole year without a break, I cannot dream of making this amount. My son will die without this surgery. I beg you to help me,”-Niyas, with tears in his eyes.
Your kindness can save this baby's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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