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This Man Has Lived His Whole Life With A Massive Tumour On His Face, He Awaits A Miracle To Save Him

When I go out, people get scared. Some avoid making eye contact with me and some even walk away calling me names like monster, pig, and what not. I feel ashamed to go out now. It just hurts me so much. Every time I look into the mirror I feel horrified. I curse, cry and even hit myself for being this way but what is my fault if God made me like this?” - Faijaan

Hailing from Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, Faijaan suffers from Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on the nerve tissues. It has been weighing him down for the past 30 years now. Living in extreme poverty, he nor his family could afford the treatment he needs.

He can't see, eat, drink or even breathe properly

“Ammi tells me that I was merely a few months old when they noticed two red dots, one on my cheek and one on the forehead, but as time passed, the dots developed into tumours, deforming my face beyond recognition. As I grew, the tumour grew with me, making me look this way. It’s like the right side of my face is non-existent. I don’t have an eye, nose or mouth, and it is so difficult to live like this. I can’t eat, drink, or even breathe properly with this condition. I have negative thoughts too but I try my best to let them go. Only I know what I go through every day, and it’s hard.” - Faijaan

A surgery that only made things worse

“He was 6 when the doctors told us that he would require surgery to get rid of the tumours. But due to our financial condition, we couldn’t arrange funds and we had to postpone it. However, we took our child to Aligarh after a few years, where he underwent his first three surgeries. We managed to pay for it with borrowed money - Rs 2 lakh, which we still haven’t been able to  repay after so many years. But even after going through so much, our child’s condition has only worsened.” - mother
The family didn’t lose hope and went from one hospital to other, in different cities, over the years to seek further treatment for Faijaan. But each time, they came back home with pockets full of crushed hopes, as the treatment suggested was always way beyond their means.

He wants to live a better life and only you can help 

“I am missing out on so much in life. I never went to school, or had any education. Stepping out is a battle in itself, physically and mentally. I couldn’t attend my own brothers’ wedding, as people kept taunting me for the way I look. This humiliation is eating at me. No one even gives me work due to this. What kind of life am I living? I want to be like other people too! I want to have a job, visit different places and look after my aging parents. But our financial condition is such that, either we can eat, or get my treatment done. I am unable to help myself or my family.” - Faijaan

Faijaan's family has seen him suffer throughout his life in front of their eyes. His tumor has taken over most of his face, and if that wasn't a struggle enough, Faijaan has to suffer the harsh prejudices of society. You can help him live a normal life. Click here to contribute.
Patient Mohammed Faijaan is 30 years old, living in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh
Being treated in Aster CMI, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for Neurofibromatosis

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