23-Day-Old Baby Born With Intestine Outside His Body Has Few Hours Left To Get A Life-Saving Surgery | Milaap
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23-Day-Old Baby Born With Intestine Outside His Body Has Few Hours Left To Get A Life-Saving Surgery

For 20 days, I carried my little baby from one hospital to another, desperately trying to find someone who can save him. Many would look at the intestine outside his body and tell us he can’t be saved. They even asked me to give up. I would then cover him again and go to the next hospital, while he cried all the way. Now I’ve finally found a little hope but he has only a few hours left to get the surgery, and I have nothing left to save him."  - Fardin, baby Hasin's father.

In the silence of the waiting room outside the ICU, sobs of a helpless father are heard. Sometimes, Fardin sits quietly in a corner in complete shock, while at other times, he paces up and down worried sick about how he’s going to save his youngest son’s life. 23-day-old Mohammad Hasin has been in severe pain ever since birth. He was born with a part of his large intestine outside his body, and without an urgent surgery, baby Hasin doesn’t have long to live.

Baby Hasin was turned away from treatment in many hospitals before this

Baby Hasin has a rare and serious intestinal malformation that has caused a part of his large intestine to come out of his belly button, causing intestinal obstruction. Without an immediate surgery, his life is at a serious risk.

“Every parents wish is to have a healthy baby. When Hasin was born, that’s all we hoped for, but seconds later we were told that he had a big battle ahead of him. Despite so many hospitals turning us away, I didn’t give up. I was exhausted and frustrated, but it’s my son’s life. I can’t give up. All I want is for my son to be saved. I will leave the hospital only with my healthy son in my arms.”

Fardin brought baby Hasin all the way from Afghanistan to India with little money in his pockets and hope in his heart. Many hospitals later, his relentless efforts finally paid off and Baby Hasin was immediately admitted to the ICU.

Baby Hasin needs the surgery today, but his father has exhausted everything he has 

Baby Hasin survival till now is a blessing, but there’s only so long that he can go on without a surgery. Fardin works in a public service sector and has exhausted all his funds trying to find a hospital that can save his son’s life. Now that he’s found it, he has nothing left to give his son the life-saving surgery. Fardin and his wife are desperate to save their son and can't do it without your help.

How You Can Help

Baby Hasin needs a surgery today to ensure that his intestines are in the right place so that he can survive. He’s only 23-days-old, and he’s already experienced a world of pain. His parents are beyond devastated and are often found crying helplessly in the hospital. Their baby can be saved with your help.

Your support will save Baby Hasin’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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