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Milaap Champions: Rohan Rajiv

Rohan Rajiv believes that every little positive thought and act has power to impact massive change in this world. He works as an associate in the consulting industry, and he loves working with people he learns from and loves to surround himself with people who help him learn and grow. He considers himself a bit of a geek, and he derives happiness from the little things in life.

We spoke to Rohan, and this is what he had to say!

How did you get to hear about Milaap?

I got to know of Milaap through Anoj. He told me of the concept when we met on a train and of course, Facebook helped.

Why do you lend on Milaap?

I believe giving back is important. I have a big bias towards entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and it's nice to give back to deserving folks who want to build things.

Is there any particular sector on Milaap you regularly lend to? If yes, why?

People who start their own little enterprise, ideally. You know why now. :-)

Who/what inspired you to do what you do now?

I have many to thank for my inspiration, all of whom make up framily. I am also inspired by the concept of inspiration myself and I love exploring the power of learning (in particular) in relation to inspiration. I believe in the butterfly effect - our power to effect changes in places very far off by virtue of things we build, and do. I believe there is learning in everything and that we do get better every day if I want to.

I blog my own 'learning a day' on

If you were to change it, what would you do instead? Why?

I would just go ahead and change it. :-) I tend to think the problem is never about 'what' we do, but 'why' we do things. I find it helpful to understand what our true 'why' is. Bill Gates had a clear why - enable individuals to have computers and access to technology to affect change. Whether he was building Xbox's or a new version of Microsoft Office, it didn't matter. Same with Steve Jobs of course. We aren't any different. As for me, I'm still trying to find that 'why'. The answer is in there somewhere.

Any question for us?

Q. Just some praise. I love that you keep improving the way you guys do things. It's a good sign. Congratulations to your entire team! Good stuff, and keep up the great work! I’m sure people will always have feedback for you on things you can do better. Take it all with a pinch of salt. Iterate quickly of course.. but I hope you will keep focus on what you are doing well and do lots more of that rather than worry about the little fixes/issues. They will always be around..

A. Thank you Rohan! We are humbled!

Any thoughts or interesting thing you would like to share with us and our supporters?

If you are reading this, you probably have access to your own computer and probably have the means to pay for a comfortable room and a good life. While this may be the norm around you, it definitely isn't the norm in the world we live in. The access to technology, knowledge, a good education - these are immensely powerful. With such power comes an immense responsibility. Let's use it well.

PS: Failure is just a point a view.  :-)

Thank you so much for your time and wisdom Rohan!