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Milaap Champions: Manu Dhillon

Manu Dhillon is one of Milaap's champions. He believes in helping others in every way possible & wants to uplift the society with his help. Helping a lender on Milaap was one of the ways he has committed to his beliefs. A business analyst by profession, Mannu has successfully completed in fundraising his "Adopt an Entrepreneur" campaign for  entrepreneurs Rekha, Satish and Savita by raising Rs. 62,000. As promised to him, he gets a full paid trip by Milaap to visit his lenders personally. 

We spoke to him and this is what he had to say. 

How did you get to hear about Milaap?

I heard about Milaap through my friend Mohita Vasudeva. She shared her fundraiser page on facebook and when her campaign was complete, I decided to adopt another entrepreneur.

Is there any particular cause on Milaap that is very close to your heart? If yes, why?
Its very difficult to pick one particular cause, all the causes are equally important.

You recently completed our “Adopt an Entrepreneur” challenge: to fundraise fully for an entrepreneur so that he/she could expand his/her business. What motivated you to do this?
Only motivation is to help others in every possible way. Its my turn to give something back and play my role in uplifting the society.

How did you go about it? What was your method?
Very simple method. I shared the fundraiser pages on facebook and sent personal chat messages to friends, asking for their contribution.

Any special secrets/tips that you can pass on to our community so that they can one day fundraise the way you did?

Only secret was to keep on trying and never give up. Sharing the fundraiser page on face book daily, sending IM to all the friends on the chat list. If some of them agree to contribute and forget, never hesitated to remind them again and again. I just thought that the money is not for me but for someone who really need some help. I also asked them to share and spread the word..

Tell us more about yourself. What do you do day to day? What are you passionate about?
 I am working as a Sr. Business Analyst in PNC Bank (Cleveland, US). Simple daily life, on weekdays going to office in the morning, coming back  coking food and sleep :) Beside all this I am very passionate about playing, watching or reading stuff on cricket. I used to work for Rotaract Club (part of Rotary International) during by B.Tech, so all this feeling of helping others started with my association with Rotaract.

Who/what inspired you to do now?
Nothing specific. I studied MS Financial Engineering because I love mathematics and programming. After that I just got into the job of Business Analyst.

If you were to change it, what would you do instead? Why?
 I do not have any plans of changing it as of now. But if I have to change it in future, it has to something related to working with some non-profit organization where I can continue my passion of helping the society in a far better way.

Any question for us?
 No questions. Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to see the progress of the people and their repayments, not because I want the money back but because that will be the best indicator that we all were successful in helping them.

Any thoughts or interesting thing you would like to share with us and our supporters?
Believe in God, and Do the Right.

Thank You Manu for your time and insights!