Milaap adds a new field partner: Safe Hands! | Milaap

Milaap adds a new field partner: Safe Hands!

We are proud to announce that we have recently added Safe Hands Cooperative Society (SHCS) as a field partner!

Safe Hands is a cooperative society that provides financing to students for educational loans and personal loans as well. Through Safe Hands, Milaap will provide loans to students to enable them to participate in the Kautilya vocational training program. This program will train students in various courses such as accounting, banking, taxation and operations management. The courses will be provided by the Deshpande Centre for Social Entrepreneurship in Hubli, India.

Once they graduate from this program, the students will be able to practically apply their knowledge in these fields, have good communication skills and an understanding of the professional work environment, and most importantly, their lives will be changed because they will be able to participate in a program they would otherwise not be able to afford!

Wanna be part of the movement? All you have to do is visit this page and select "Education & Training" and you will be able to make loans to these deserving students!