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Meet the rural entrepreneur who opened bank accounts for school-aged kids

The day was pleasant. The sun shone brightly upon the narrow lanes of the interior side of Chandkheda. This area lies west to the Sabarmati river and is in the northern portion of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I was here to check on the progress of the Vansh Mahila Mandal, a group led by Reena Bhagvatiprasad, after they had borrowed an enterprise loan from Milaap’s community of lenders.
We were greeted by Rinu Yadav, a woman with petite frame, radiant smile, when I reached our destination along with one of the unit office members from Prayas, Milaap’s field partner. The destination, I would say, was quite difficult to find. It was like a maze of oddly built and similar looking houses. Reena was busy at work that day, so Rinu, her group member, had taken time out of her hectic day to meet with us.
Upon reaching the house, one of the female members from Rinu’s family warmly welcomed us. Rinu couldn’t immediately attend to us because she was feeding his elderly father-in-law his lunch. We patiently waited for her. The conversation then started flowing among us. Rinu lives in a joint family and is a proud mother of two beautiful children. Both her children, an 8-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter, study in an English medium school, and Rinu took pride in saying that. “I want to see both of them very successful someday,” she said with a lot of hope evident in her voice.
A woman of great strength and entrepreneurial qualities, Rinu runs an artificial jewelry business, selling the local ‘Bagasra’ jewelry. With her loan from Milaap, she not only expanded her business further, but with the profits, she also opened savings accounts for her children. Her happiness was so apparent. Now she is able to save Rs. 4000 every month. What adds to her joy is the support of her husband, who helps her in every possible way.
Rinu wishes to expand her business further, and simultaneously she wants to start a tailoring business too. This woman stands as an inspiring figure. Not only is she a brilliant, compassionate, and loving homemaker, she is also a successful entrepreneur.

Rinu, a woman entrepreneur, grew her business and opened bank accounts for her school-aged children