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Meet our Milaap Champion: Prasoon Gupta

Meet one of our champions, Prasoon Gupta all the way from Canada. Staying miles away, he is impacting lives of our borrowers here in India by using Milaap as a platform. He came across our organization through one of his close friends and didn't notice the impact of his amount lent until one day he received his repayments. Since then he has been a proud lender of Milaap and has impacted more than ten families. We were curious to know more about him and decided to talk to him. Here is the complete conversation with Prasoon: 

Q1) Can you tell us how you came across
Last April, Roshni Mohapatra, a close friend of mine, started a campaign titled "RoshniForRoshni" with the objective of bringing light to homes in West Bengal. That was the beginning - she put up a goal for the amount she wanted to raise and something in me wanted her to reach that goal sooner. Until the first repayment came in, I hadn't known about the whole concept of loans, repayments and re-lending, actually hadn't even read much about Milaap, but trusted her belief. I am glad I did and I thank Roshni for introducing me to Milaap.
Q2) Is there any specific sector that you make loans repeatedly to? If yes, which one and why?
No particular sector but somehow, Energy interests me. Children study for a bit longer, the poor can work for a little longer, live a more comfortable life thus and this eventually benefits the society on a whole.

Q3)  What was the motivation to start lending on Milaap?
When lending for the first time, it was nothing more than making that small difference to someone's life. Only later when I learnt about re-lending, I was overjoyed with the idea of how that initial loan was enough to help meet the needs of not just one cause, but many. The joy that comes from seeing the repayments come in every month, from the realization that the little amount I loaned last year has multiplied and has been critical to a handful of families - that becomes the motivation factor.
  Q4) Any feedback for us on how we can make the experience of lending much better for our lenders? 
Nothing in particular. The Milaap Loan cycle, the 100% repayment rate and a few success stories on Milaap's homepage are enough to get new lenders hooked and over the last one year, I have never had any problems around the whole process of lending.
Q5) One word that describes Milaap to you. 

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