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Meet Multifaceted Kavitaben

I couldn't meet Ramilaben Telar of the Kiran Mahila Mandal because her daughter-in-law had recently delivered a baby, and she was caught up in the hospital. But I was able to meet, Kavitaben Pradip Sonvane, a member of the same group.
Kavitaben runs a beauty parlor, and she took the loan to buy items for the parlor, like a make-up kit, facial kit, and wax. Initially, before the loan, she focused on building trust within the community for her business. She would go to her clients' home and provide the salon services they required. She made no savings during this time. After 2-3 years, she decided to take the loan, because she realized she had built enough trust and was ready to expand. She now makes up to Rs.2000-3000 in savings every month.
Kavitaben is very smart and intuitive in that regard. If not busy in her parlor business, Kavitaben also ventures into different areas like tailoring and designing festival outfits. A chanya choli she designed would cost up to Rs.2500.