Mathura's uncanny business sense is paying rich dividends | Milaap

Mathura's uncanny business sense is paying rich dividends

Mathura sat beside me during the self-help group (SHG) meeting, so we had a plenty of time to chat. Also, she knew Hindi besides Kannada, so that was good news for me.
Mathura took a Milaap loan of Rs. 15,000 to expand her Kirana shop a few months ago. She has been running her shop for 5 years now, selling all general items such as soap, dry snacks, sugar etc. At first, I was astonished when she said that she is able to earn around Rs. 1500 on a daily basis. Then she took me to her shop and explained that since it’s on a main village road, and she always keeps all the items people want, she is able to make good profits.
Running the shop all on her own for 5 years has sure provided Mathura with a good business sense. As both her sons are grown up now and have started working as well, things have become a lot better for her family. She hopes that good times will last and she will be able to enjoy coming years playing around with her grandchildren.

Mathura at her Kirana shop