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This Teenager Has Been Fighting Cancer For 3 Years, His Only Hope Now Is A Transplant

14-year-old Utkarsh has been living in pain since he was 9-years-old. Diagnosed with blood cancer at an age where his biggest concern should have been which new game to play, Utkarsh instead wails in pain by his mother’s side. The intense chemotherapy and radiation have left him listless and weak. 

Three years ago, Utkarsh was diagnosed with blood cancer, he underwent rigorous treatment for that, Eventually, he was declared cancer-free.

 "The day doctors told us his cancer was gone, we were the happiest people on this planet. We were sure we will never have to see him like this again - frail, tired and in so much pain. Turns out, fate had different plans. His cancer returned and this time worst than ever. There’s no limit to how much a person can be forced to suffer - that too, at this age,”- Pramila, mother. 

“We didn’t even know what that meant. His parents were really scared. The doctors said our daughter, Sneha was a match for him and so that was a relief, but we weren’t sure about the process. The word transplant itself sends chills down to our spine."

Utkarsh’s parents are poor farmers. Farming is their only source of income with hardly any rain in their region, they have hardly been able to earn anything. His parents have already spent 5 lakhs for his treatment so far. This 5 lakhs was all the savings the parents had for Utkarsh's future. But after the relapse, doctors have told that Utkarsh's only hope is a bone marrow transplant. But they would need at least 15 lakhs for the transplant. They would also need a lot more for the post transplant care.

“My parents are very old now. It is difficult for them to arrange for such a huge amount. They are very scared. They don’t know who to ask for help. They just want their child to get better soon,”- Sneha, sister

Utkarsh has been suffering for years now. He was going to be in class 10 this year, but the news of his relapse in February forced him to drop out of the school. It has once again dragged him behind his peers. You have a chance to ease his agony and ensure that he gets proper treatment and a bright future. This family of farmers need you to save their child.

You're their only ray of hope - these parents are looking to you to save their son. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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