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Father Who Lost A Son 5 Months Back Will Lose Another To Liver Disease Without Urgent Help

"I have hardly come out of the shock of my youngest son's death but now Manish is also fighting for his life. My other son passed away within 2 days of his diagnosis, I did not have any time or means to save him. Manish has one last chance to survive, liver transplant can save him but I cannot afford that. I'm slowly losing him, but I'm helpless, no father should go through this pain," - Amrit Lal, father.

"I don't want to die in the hospital like my brother, please take me home"

Until last Sunday, Manish was active and seemingly healthy. He suddenly began to vomit blood and became extremely weak, his parents were terrified because their other son whom they lost had same symptoms. The parents were begging to save him at any cost. He has Wilson disease, a genetic disorder that causes copper to build up in the liver which eventually damages the organ. The condition can turn fatal without transplant.

"His stomach was swelling and they gave him many injections and medicines. He got scared that he will die because he has seen his brother suffering in the hospital. He begged me to take home, I told him that I'll never let him go, he was holding my hands and crying. The very next day, he became unconscious, its been 3 days, he has not opened his eyes yet." - Amrit Lal

Manish with his family - an old pic

My friends here are helping me but it not enough, I need 24 lakh for the transplant

Amrit and his wife Anitha got settled in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu 10 years back. He runs a small hardware shop and earns around Rs 12,000 per month. He has spent around 5 lakhs now by borrowing from his friends. Manish needs an urgent liver transplant to survive. The poor parents are desperately waiting for your help so that they can afford the 24 lakh transplant.

"I have asked everyone I know, I cannot forgive myself if I lose Manish as well. Please help me save him" - Amrit

7-year-old Manish is now lying unconscious in the ICU and his liver disease will turn fatal without an urgent transplant, only your contribution can save him

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 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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