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My Little Girl Is Thinking About Her Own Death - I Can Only Watch Helplessly Because I Can't Afford Her Treatment

 I'm a 44-year-old mother of two girls. In all these years, I don't know anything beyond my family. My husband is now 50 years old. We have seen many ups and downs in life but we have been for each other always. My elder daughter Maheshwari is precious to us, she was born after a long wait, she made my life meaningful. My youngest daughter Malathi (7) made our family complete. We were living a happy and modest life. Now happiness is only a distant memory for all of us.

Three months ago, I got a call from Maheshwari's teacher saying that she is not well and asked me to take her home. I rushed to the school. She looked very weak and pale. She had a high temperature. I took her to hospital. Doctors gave medicines but fever did not settle for a long time. Then I took her again and then they told is she had jaundice.

She was taking the medicines, and eating the prescribed diet. But in a few days her whole body was swollen. I was terrified, I knew something was wrong but never imagined even in my nightmares that she would turn so critical. I took her to the hospital in the city. Tests were taken and the reports confirmed that she has liver failure.

I was devastated beyond words. For the first time, I stepped out of my town and traveled to Chennai. I don't know anyone in Chennai, I have never been outside, I did not have enough money on hand, but I did not have time to wait. I can't wait for something worse to happen now, it is my daughter's life I have to do all that is possible.

Doctors tested her and said she needs an urgent transplant to survive. Liver transplant assessment transplant was done to both of us. We were willing to do anything for her. Fortunately, I can be the donor to her.

We have rented a room in Chennai. We keep staring at the walls, everything around us is scary. We do not understand what is happening around us. My daughter can see how her body has changed, she can't bear the pain she is unable to eat.

She is just 10 years old and she is already fearing death. Is this an age to think about it? She pleads me to save her from this pain. My youngest daughter does not understand why I let her sister suffer so much. What can I tell her? Will they forgive me if I say that her father and I can't afford the treatment?

My daughters came to this world through me, it is my responsibility to protect them. I see my daughter suffering in excruciating pain every day but I watch her helplessly. What can I do? My husband is a farmer. We do not even have our own land. We have worked for years in other's land and all we get is three square meals, nothing more than that.

My daughter is everything to me, we struggled all these years to give them a good education and make it possible for them to live a decent life. Now, we have nothing left. I can't bear to see my daughter losing her life. I need her, she deserves a life.

I have nothing in my hands, I have only debts. My daughter's life is precious to me. Only a liver transplant can save her life. The transplant requires Rs 20 lakhs. She can survive in this world only with your support. Your contribution can give her a chance to live!

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