4-Year-Old Is In Constant Pain Due To A Dreadful Cancer, He Begs His Tailor Father To Take Him To The Hospital | Milaap
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4-Year-Old Is In Constant Pain Due To A Dreadful Cancer, He Begs His Tailor Father To Take Him To The Hospital

“Papu's (baby's) cancer started when he was just two years old. He had a fever and small boils all over his body. We brought him to Bangalore then, and he is still fighting the same terrible condition.” – Kumar, Mahantesh's father

Mahantesh is a 4-year-old who has lived over half his life fighting aggressive blood cancer. He went through rigorous chemotherapy only for his cancer to relapse in two months. Only a bone-marrow transplant can help little Mahantesh beat cancer once and for all. His condition is growing worse and his parents have done everything to keep treatment going till now.

Mahantesh's parents don't have to funds to even change his chemotherapy port

When the pain becomes too much, Mahantesh asks his parents to take him to the hospital. But at the hospital, only more pain awaits him. Chemotherapy port is a device that helps to give medicines directly into the bloodstream without causing the child too much distress. Mahantesh's port is infected and now both his hands are swollen due to the needles.

“There is an infection in the port, but we don't even have the money to get it changed. No matter what we do, everything seems to be causing more pain to my child. Treatment is going on through the veins in his hands, and he screams and asks me to make it stop. I am helpless in the face of my child's suffering.” – Lakshmi, Mahantesh's mother

Mahantesh's childhood is marred by the pain of cancer

Mahantesh has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or blood cancer and it has snatched away his childhood. He is severely underweight and the chemotherapy has taken its toll. He has learnt to live with endless needles and tablets. He even reminds his parents when it is time for medicines. His parents are heartbroken at their only child's illness.

“He so young. He looks at children going to school and throws a tantrum about going to school. We buy him some notebooks and colours and he becomes happy and draws in it when he has the energy. To us, even his smile hurts. He is such an intelligent, smart boy – there is no one in our family like him. Why does he have to have such a terrible condition?” – Lakshmi

The only thing that can save Mahantesh is a bone-marrow transplant

“Over the last two years, we spent, Rs 2 lakhs. Since the relapse happened this April, his medicines became more expensive. Even before we could pay back our previous loan, we have spent Rs 2 lakhs in the last 10 days. We don't have one rupee more. How will we arrange for a bone-marrow transplant that will cost Rs 45 lakhs?”  – Lakshmi

How you can help

Kumar is a tailor who earns barely Rs 5,000 a month. He used everything he earned to repay loans he took for treatment the first time. But before he could pay back those loans, he is in debt once again. Mahantesh's condition is visibly deteriorating as the cancer increases. He needs an urgent bone-marrow transplant to live.

Your contribution will help these desperate parents save their child. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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