Lalthlangi: One of the most hardworking woman I have ever met. | Milaap

Lalthlangi: One of the most hardworking woman I have ever met.

I took a bus towards Thuampui from office on a bright sunny Thursday morning. Thuampui is located near a helipad in Aizawl, the capital state of Mizoram. When I reached Thuampui, I walked towards Lalthlangi's house. I was warmly greeted by her after I introduced myself.

Lalthlangi was busy weaving before I met her. She is one of the most hardworking women I have ever met. She starts off her day at 5 in the morning, cooks and cleans the house. She hires a truck to get stone chips from a quarry in Bung Bangla, which is on the outskirts of Aizawl. Being a regular customer, she gets a truckload of stone chips at a cheaper rate and she hires the truck for Rs. 1300 instead of Rs. 1500. When she returns, she prepares dinner, then sells eggs in her neighbourhood and weaves bags till 11 at night. She also sells sticky rice in the main town which she gets from the villages. She says, "Even though I get a profit of only Rs. 200 per bag, the demand is high as it is needed in every household."

Her 25 year old son is a driver but does not have any job at present. Her 20 year old daughter is a tailor and her 18 year old daughter is training to become a tailor as well. Her husband is  a grade 4 worker a the Legal Metrology Department and earns Rs. 10,000 per month. Even though he is the main bread-winner of the family, his alcohol problem has been affecting them emotionally, financially and physically.

Lalthlangi had initially taken the Milaap loan to purchase chicks for a poultry. However, when the loan was disbursed, she was afraid to get into the poultry business as many chicks were falling ill and dying. She used the loan for weaving and stitching bags. In a week, she makes a bag worth Rs 1800 and for the thread, she spends about Rs. 300 per bag. She also used the loan to purchase sticky rice and eggs to be sold. Lalthlangi wants to continue weaving bags as she can work from home. She and the other members of her group are very grateful for the support and proud to say that they have been able to repay the loan on their own.

Lalthlangi weaving bags.